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Wednesday - golf, dinner and dancing.

Ned was alone with his captive.

Ned waited, watching Lady Amy breathe deeply, considering his next steps. He slowly pulled on the leash, signaling his prize to step closer. He continued to pull as she stopped when her knees touched his, leaning her face in for a kiss. He pressed her shoulders down and she kneeled between his legs. He put her hands on his groin.

She dutifully unfastened his belt, unzipped the fly and helped him remove his pants and shoes. She found him commando and smirked her liking. She stroked his soft penis with her satin gloved fingers, gaining masculine size for her efforts. She parted her full lips and leaned in but Ned stopped her. Tonight would be an extended session; there was no need to hurry.

Rising, he seized her wrists and spun her body, brusquely clipping her restraints behind her back. He took the leash and pulled her from the room through the same door used by the preceding fetish players. It placed them in the central corridor flanked with the fetish scenario rooms.

He stopped Lady Amy in front of the first one-way window. Ned could see the amorous couple in the room and, when he clicked on the small speaker, he could hear the unfolding action as could his blindfolded captive.

The man and his college coed date were seated on a stool. They were kissing and necking like school kids. His pants were around his ankles and her tap pants lay on the floor. While they playfully tongue wrestled, his hands were underneath her loose top, kneading her boobs. She jogged her hips, caressing his erection with her juicy labia.

His hands came from under her clothes and he gripped her bare ass. Standing, he pressed her back against the wall. Kneeling, he pressed his face to her slick pussy lips. The artiste model arched back with open mouth, writhing in his grasp, her girlish squeaky voice directing the action, begging for more.

"Yes... push your tongue harder... run it up the crevice... inside... more to the left...

He rolled his tongue and pushed past the outer lips, tickling the inner rim.

YES... inside... Inside... YES, INSIDE!"

His fingers gripped her ass, digging into her soft flesh, pulling her groin tighter. Her hands held his head as she gazed at the ceiling tiles. Then she saw nothing; her eyes clenched shut and her back arched severely. She was so close.

He stopped, withdrew and stood. An evil grin, wet with pussy juice, was her recovering sight.

"No... Please, don't stop..." she groaned.

But he had his own plans. He ripped off her teddy top, threw her down on the floor, and dropped himself atop her. He charged ahead, neatly spearing her sopping pussy in one masterful stroke.

During the in-room seated action, Ned had reflectively fondled both of Lady Amy's tits beneath her immodest shroud. Then, when the kneeling cunnilingus was at full steam, he dropped one hand to rub the edges of her pussy with his finger pads. Lady Amy heard the girl's pleas, the increasing foreplay within the room, and savored her guide's touch as a tactile compliment to the perceived action.

Ned watched her reflection in the glass window as he held her by boob and cunt from behind. She licked her lips and breathed huffier through her slack open mouth. He gave her erogenous membranes a furious stirring until the interior paramours dropped to the floor. He calmly switched off the speaker and removed his hands. Lady Amy had moaned her pleasure at the quickened activity and now whimpered her discontent, disappointed by the retreat of his fondling fingers. Ned took up her leash and led his aroused captive to the next scene.

They stopped before the second room's viewing window. The stripper model was dancing before her couch borne man. Her moves were slow and sexy, her outfit loosened but not removed. The stripper's guest had his cock out, self-stroking his tumescence.

Ned took up his nipple fondles beneath Lady Amy's cape shroud.

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