Something doesn't feel quite right. Sex Images

The handy man gets a big surprise.

"Yes, I do. Although, I'm not sure why?" her voice trails off.

"That's good Ellie" he says softly, making her focus more deeply on his words.

"Lay back and relax for me Ellie. Do you Remember your comfort color of pale green?" Mic draws her in.

"I am laying down.", her voice sounds far away.

"Are you comfortable now Ellie?" He guides her back to his hypnotic place.

"Yes". Her reply is not much more than a whisper.

"Ellie, what are you wearing?" He inquires.

"A black mini skirt and a floral blouse." She informs him.

Mic's lascivious voice continues, "What else are you wearing?"

"A red silk thong and a matching red demi bra." She confides in him. Feeling as though she should blush but doesn't.

"mmmmnm." He can't help but moan as he pictures her in just the underwear. "Baby, will you unbutton your blouse for me?"

"Mmmm, yes." And she begins to undo the first of the six buttons.

"Your hands are my hands Ellie. With each button, you are becoming more aroused. Do you feel me taking your shirt from you? Exposing your beautiful breasts to me?"

"mmmm hmmm." she responds through closed lips.

"Your cleavage is so beautiful. Your breasts plump and ripe over the top of the low cut bra." He says, soft and full of intention. "Feel my hands on your skin as I lean you forward to take off your top now."

His voice is venereal, "I am leaning in to kiss you. My hot breath by your lips. Kiss me baby girl. Feel the desire in my kiss."

"ohhhhhhh", Ellie moans louder as she feels the heat of his lips on her own.

"I am unclasping your bra, and sliding the straps down your shoulders. You are putty in my hands baby girl." Mic concentrating on clearly stating each syllable, caught in his own desires.

"Yes Sir" She manages, through her breathlessness.

Mic carries on, "Mmmm,your tits are so Fucking beautiful Ellie. I want you to feel me sucking them. Taking the nipple in between my lips"

"oh, oh" she is moaning.

"Firmly taking them in my hands. Pressing them together. Licking first the left then the right nipple."

"Mmmm, yes sir" Her moaning is turning him on but, he has to remain focused in order to achieve his goal.

Mic hears her sexual tension rising. "Biting down onto it.... And sucking and licking it."

"Oh, yes!" She exclaims.

He is enjoying this beautiful girl, "Feel my hands travel down your belly. Soft and gentle. My hot finger tips stopping at the waist band of your skirt."

"Feel my hands Ellie.... Slowly, softly making their way to your thighs. Your legs are so firm and strong. I want to feel them wrapped around my neck."

"Feel my hands caressing them. Stroking down to your calves. Tickling behind your knees with just my finger tips"

Ellie laughs as she feels the tickling. Instinctively lifting her knees in the air. Her feet firmly on the sofa. Pressing her thighs together, feeling the need growing in her pussy. Her clit is pulsing and there is an aching in her being. Growling, quietly, her animal instincts taking over.

Mic continues his verbal onslaught, "My fingers are sliding underneath the hem of your skirt."

"I feel your heat. It is radiating from deep inside you. A glowing hot white light emanating from the your core of your being."

"You will achieve a personal nirvana as I guide you over the thresholds of your boundaries."

"Ellie, feel my hands pushing up your skirt, Tucking a finger just under the edge of your thong. Running it up and down your groin. Caressing your inner thigh with the back of my hand."

"Mmmmm, yes." Her moaning is persistent now. Her need growing.

"I am spreading your knees, you do so willingly. Oh Ellie, I can smell your scent. Oh, sweet and musky, I need to taste you. Do you want me to taste you there Ellie?"

"Uhhh, please" urgency in her bated breath.

Mic is having trouble restraining himself, "Leaning my face down to your pussy. Inhaling deeply, breathing you in. The cool air flowing over your mound as I draw you in. Your scent in palpable. I can't wait to taste you."

"My lips kissing your Venus mound.