A reluctant first date finds love and hot sex. Sex Images

After the proposal.

Three beautiful, excited pussies called to me simultaneously.

Rach's velvet sleeve was irresistible! While deeply plunging into her soggy snatch, I wrapped my other arm around Olivia's warm, soft ass and pulled her vernal vulva toward me. Her wonderful fragrance swelled with her labia's proximity and stilled my fingers in Rach. As I tongued Olivia's ambrosial juices and snatch, Rach humped my fingers. With more difficulty than I expected, I split my attention between two outstanding, receptive pussies, but ignored my wife's - for the moment.

As Rach resumed finger fucking my wife, I moved Olivia's right leg onto my shoulder to open her chasm wider for deeper, better access to her saporous snatch and relished her musky, dizzying flavor. When my attention briefly shifted to the other woman I'd hoped to fuck today, I added a third finger to scoop her slippery nectar. After several deep, twisty thrusts, I moved my index finger to her tight rear hole and circled it with light pressure. She tilted her hips up and relaxed her dark hole to encourage my entry. As soon as my tip entered her ass, I tried to copy those actions in Olivia. Her virgin ass resisted. "Honey, I won't hurt you or force my way in your rear until you're ready. If you can, relax your sphincter and let me in slowly. I think you'll enjoy how your nerves respond. Try doing what I'm doing to you and Rach in Sue. She loves anal play and girl fucking."

Always good at following orders and trusting my word, she slipped three fingers into her cousin. Three pussies and asses were filled until Rach flipped to her back, spun toward me and filled her mouth with my aching cock. She took a moment to add "Too bad Bob isn't here to add his cock to the mix. He often says he'd like to stuff Sue's ass and pussy and fill both with his cream then eat the cream pie. Oops, TMI? I'm sure he'd love to meet Olivia's pretty pussy too."

She took my cock back in her mouth and I gasped, "I don't know if my ladies are interested in another cock. Olivia isn't used to touching or even seeing mine yet. Sue has commented on Bob's apparent size every time it tented his slacks and said she'd like to see it freely bouncing around. I may have only one cock to share with you, but my mouth, tongue and both hands can keep you all engaged. You obviously feel free to use each other's bits too. I'm ready now to fill your hot, sexy pussy, Rach," I panted. Her eyebrow arched and she sucked me deeper which I assumed meant SHE was not ready to be fucked. When she took me deeply into her throat, I had to shift my attention back to Olivia to keep from bursting too soon.

As I felt her rear hole relax, I gently pushed the tip of my ring finger inside her fiery ass. She lurched, clenched then moaned. I pumped her sphincter the half inch I was allowed in and she responded hotly. After several clenches, she relaxed again and let my wet finger twist in deeper. I heard her and Sue gasp together and saw her finger fully in Sue's ass. Sue told her to gently pull out and go back in deeply. My similar, but shorter, plunging distracted her from her revulsion to ass play. Just as I got my finger fully into her sweet, incendiary ass, Rach gulped on my cock and popped it noisily out of her mouth. "I'm ready!" she cried out, almost desperately.

I shifted my full attention back to Rach.