Billy is released from medical, others get sick. Sex Images

Don't tell Sarah.

Still groaning from the release, his eyes widened as he watched Misty lean forward and place her tongue against Dante's twitching black snake. He swallowed as his mouth began to catch an ever increasing flow of Misty's juices. As she raised Dante's engorged cock to her mouth, to Kip it looked like a wide, black log, bridging the gap between Dante and Misty.

Misty showered the head of Dante's cock with wet, lusty kisses. Her lips and tongue explored the smooth surface, somewhat startled by the feeling that it was still growing! Wetting her lips abundantly, she slipped them slowly around the large knob. After several test runs, she realized she would never be able to take the thickest part of the head into her mouth without causing Dante a great deal of pain. She returned to worshiping his pleasure tool with her tongue, lips, and hands; hoping that would satisfy this beautiful man she knelt before. She ground her pussy even harder on little Kip's face, her sexual excitement building to an unstoppable climax.

With both hands grasping the trunk of Dante's cock, she looked up into his eyes, her body rocking faster. "I'm going to come, baby," she said in a low quiet voice. "Oh yeah baby, yeah I'm gonna come in his face!" Closing her eyes and clinging to Dante's solid cock for support, she bore down hard on the whiteboy's face with no regard for his well-being.

Alongside her, Karen watched Misty's juicy ass bouncing wildly on Kip's chin, encouraging her all the while. "Fuck that whiteboy's face Misty. He loves it! Make him eat it, suck it, and lick it." She also had plenty of orders for Kip. "Lick her out whiteboy. Swallow that cum, whiteboy!" Suddenly she was joined by Tonisha who had brought her beanbag to the scene.

Overwhelmed with excitement, Tonisha pulled Karen away from Misty and pushed her back into the soft beanbag. Scrambling onto the beanbag, she mounted Karen's face as she watched Misty mauling Kip's face, coming in his mouth while she wildly kissed and licked her boyfriend's black cock.

Within moments, due to her own excitement and Karen's expert tongue, Tonisha was coming in her face as did Karen, who frantically rubbed her own clit. Tonisha reached down and grabbed the beanbag beneath Karen's head and pulled it upward until her head was in just the right position for her to hump her pussy against her friend's face with abandon.

Misty's exhausted body shuddered over and over as her orgasm slowly subsided, Kip's tongue obediently clearing away all of her good stuff while Karen did likewise for Tonisha's juicy black pussy.

"Damn girl! You really know how to lick my pussy, baby," Tonisha exclaimed. "I don't know if I want to get off of your pretty face or not." She stroked Karen's hair gently, still rocking her black pussy on that pretty white face. "But I guess Dante's got some unfinished business to take care of, hhmm Misty?"

From her perch atop Kip's face, Misty smiled nervously at Tonisha, her pussy twitching on Kip's tongue.

Dante had been, pretty much, a spectator to this point. He slipped his large fingers into Misty's long, flowing blond mane. He made eye contact with this sexy young girl as she once again, showed her devotion to the superiority of black cock, bathing it completely with her saliva.

Taking Misty's hands in his, Dante helped her to her feet as they both stood above the prone whiteboy. Picking her up, she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, she began to kiss him feverishly. Her soft white body squeezed his hard black body in a tight embrace as her butt came to rest on his long black cock as if it was a solid, thick tree limb.

"Your face is a fucking mess, whiteboy," Karen said as she rubbed her hand on his Kip's wet face. Shoving her cum-coated fingers into his mouth, she asked, "Does Misty's cum taste good, whiteboy?"

Kip reached up and swiped a finger across Karen's face and attempted to put it in her mouth.