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Victorian woman's first medical examination.


Dan hovered over the scene unfolding below him. It was so realistic and he felt he could simply reach down and touch them. Three Feathers was laying on a bear skin, naked and glistening with sweat as Black Water was pushing into her, grunting as he did so. Dan felt as if he were making love to her through Black Water. He could feel the sensations, the soft, warm, moistness of her sex that surrounded him. Three Feathers grunted softly as her lover began to get into a rhythm, pushing harder and faster into her. Her small breasts bounced lazily from the rocking motion and she made small mewling sounds as her own heat was building. Within minutes, they climaxed as he grunted loudly and she cried out softly. Dan felt the ejaculation himself and was amazed at the intensity of it. The dream faded before he woke with a start, feeling his hand cradling his softening penis and also feeling the warm, crawly flood of semen that had just escaped it.

It was Dan who broached the subject to Blackhawk that Wednesday evening. He had spent most of Melanie's free time with her, mostly talking or taking strolls around the main village. They hadn't got much past holding hands, but he was happy merely being with her and felt that she had the same feeling. He had also spent a lot of time in her classroom and even taught a small segment of her English class, much to the delight of everyone, himself included.. He now knew what it was like to love teaching again. These kids made it worthwhile. Dan knew he could teach anyone who wanted to learn and these children thirsted for more knowledge. They drank up everything he threw at them and wanted more.

"You and Melanie have been more than kind to me. I couldn't ask to be around better people than you. Melanie has been a great help to me in rediscovering why I became a teacher..."

Blackhawk listened and nodded. He had heard from friends that his daughter and the stranger had been keeping company with each other and he was pleased. Of course, he wished that Dan was entirely of Native blood, but he could overlook that. He would like to be a grandfather sometime before he got too old to enjoy them.

"...I don't know what's happened to me when I see things, but I've learned to accept whatever is in store for me. Perhaps there is more life lessons for me to learn. I don't know..."
Blackhawk had seen visions of Dan in the classroom on a walk a few days prior. His visions never were untrue and he was relieved to have seen this one. He was surrounded by small Native children, not foreigners and he was genuinely happy. Blackhawk knew his reason for stopping by probably before Dan came to the conclusion himself.

"...I now know I can be a teacher again and I want to teach where I am wanted and needed. But, you knew that when you wrote back to me, didn't you?"

Blackhawk nodded. "You needed to find that out for yourself."

"You are very wise and very shrewd, sir."

Blackhawk merely chuckled. "So, what brings you to my house this evening?"

"I think you already know, but I'll ask anyway. I would like to live here permanently and teach, with your permission, of course."

"What about your position in Cincinnati?"

"I would have to finish the school term which ends next month. Then, I would resign and be able to move here in June and begin teaching," Dan explained.

"I see," Blackhawk said. "I cannot compete with the salary that you command. We might be able to pay you only __ of your present salary."

"I never have thought much about money. If I did, I never would have gotten into the teaching profession to begin with. Whatever salary that you are able to afford to give me will be sufficient." Dan leaned closer to Blackhawk. "I belong here, sir. The children need me and I need them."

"And where does my daughter play into this scenario?"

Dan looked down, a bit embarrassed.

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