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Samantha and I get adventurous in the hot tub.

She moved quietly as she figured the girls would be asleep. She was surprised when, about halfway up the stairs, she heard giggling and noises coming from Katie's room. They had set up Katie and Leslie to stay in Katie's old room with Katie in her old bed and Leslie on an air mattress on the floor. Diana and Megan were staying in Jerry's old room. They had moved most of Jerry's things out when he got engaged and had mostly converted the room into another guest room. The room had a couch with a hide a bed and Jerry's old bed.

Amy stopped at the top of the stairs and again heard sounds coming from Katie's room. The sounds were somewhat muffled but Amy swore she thought she heard a moan. Her mothering instinct took over and she quietly made her way over toward the door to make sure everyone was all right. As she approached the door she saw a dim light was coming from inside the room that she hadn't noticed before. It was a faint light that almost looked like candlelight as it escaped through the partly open door.

Katie's room had a large, full-length mirror on the wall next to her door. Amy had figured out many years ago that she could see Katie's bed in the reflection of the mirror and so was able to "check in" on her while not getting too close to the door. Amy had often used the mirror to peek in on Katie as she slept long after Katie had stopped wanting to have her mother checking up on her. Amy always rationalized it by saying it was just her way of making sure her girl was OK.

Amy quietly moved to the spot where she had often stood before and looked into the mirror. She could definitely see something in the mirror and could see some movement. As her eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness in the room the image in the mirror came into view. Amy inhaled sharply and felt her heart jump up into her throat.

Sitting against the headboard of Katie's bed was Leslie. She was completely naked and sitting at the perfect angle so that Amy had a full frontal view of her in the mirror. Leslie's left hand was moving slowly over her tits and her right hand was moving between her spread legs. Her head was tossed back slightly and she breathed through her parted lips. Amy stared as Leslie began pinching and teasing her own nipples as her other hand busily rubbed her pussy.

Amy knew it was wrong for her to be watching and the rational part of her brain screamed at her to walk away. However, there was another part of her that very much wanted to stay and watch, which is exactly what she did. Amy had never been with another woman before and hadn't really thought about it much until she and Tom had started talking about including Leslie in their fucking. Amy did think that Leslie was hot, but she had never gone much beyond that in her mind until she and Tom began talking about all the nasty things that they would each do to and with Leslie if they could.

Eventually Amy would occasionally find herself thinking of Leslie when she was horny and alone and would sometimes even masturbate to thoughts of sucking Leslie's sweet tits. Not too long after this Amy found that other women began to cause a reaction in her. Sometimes while hugging a friend she would feel a brief sexual spark or she would find her mind wandering back to the vision of a good looking woman she had seen that day. Her lust for Tom and for men in general hadn't waned at all, but it seemed that she had somehow become aware of the beauty and sexuality of women in a way that she had never noticed before.

Amy stared in a mix of lust and awe as Leslie continued to masturbate. For a while Leslie lifted her hand from her pussy and used both hands to massage and tease her own tits. She then dropped both hands to her pussy and Amy could only see the movement of Leslie's arms. She imagined what her fingers were doing in the darkness between her legs. Amy's own nipples had become hard and she could feel her pussy growing wetter as she continued to watch the younger woman.

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