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A son realizes there's only one way to get what he wants..

Our fine escorts for the evening were wearing jeans and t-shirts. Mitch was tall and judging by the greeting that Jennifer gave him, was her choice for the night. He was a decent looking guy, but the skater look really didn't do much for me. I held my hand out and introduced myself to Derek due to the complete lack of introductions once Mitch and Jennifer embraced one another.

He seemed nice enough and fit the tall dark and handsome to a tee. I couldn't place his ethnicity and found myself wondering if he was Arab or maybe half black. Not that it mattered really; this was purely an exercise of appeasing Jennifer. Once Jennifer and Mitch broke their extremely awkward greeting we headed to the car.

Derek walked around to the driver's side and climbed in. As I opened the door, Mitch pushed past me and dragged Jennifer in to the back seat with him before I finally climbed in beside Derek.

"You girls hungry for some meat?" I rolled my eyes at his choice of words and Jennifer giggled like she was back in high school.

A few minutes later we pulled up in front of a Harvey's burger restaurant. I had to challenge myself to keep my inner monolog intact. Are you freaking kidding me? Harveys? This is a restaurant you take a girl you don't know on a date? Worse than the choice of restaurant was the next segment of our double date; we were going to a drive in movie.

When the second feature started, Derek put his arm behind me. I just looked at him and he took it away. "I'm just going to use the ladies room, I'll be back."

Once safely behind the concession stand I pulled my phone out.

MeYou will never believe the fine cuisine I just had.


MeBurgers at Harvey's.


MeNow I'm at the drive in with creepy hands

HalCall me!

My conversation with Hal was not what I expected at all. I anticipated he would be jealous and find a way to rescue me. Instead of jealousy, I was reminded that I was young and needed to have fun with people my own age. I tried to snap him back to reality with a 'he wants to fuck me', but Hal was not phased and only responded with 'I can't blame him'; I was speechless.

"Is he at least cute?" Hal inquired.

"He's not you." I pouted my words.

Hal spoke slowly, "If I wasn't in the picture, would you be more interested?"

"I dunno, maybe." I was rattled.

"Try and have fun. I won't be mad if you do little girl." I could hear the sincerity in his voice.

The dome light was surprisingly blinding as I opened the door to see more than I ever expected. Jennifer was hunched over Mitch's crotch sucking his cock. I climbed in and closed the door inhaling the distinct smell of sex.

"That's it you little slut. Suck that cock!" Mitch's words were grunted.

I couldn't believe we were 15 minutes in to the movie and Jennifer was sucking Mitch and leaving me alone with creepy hands. Derek was turned sideways and watching the events in the back seat with a smile. His free hand rubbed at his crotch while his eyes darted between mine and the back seat.

"We could have some fun too baby." He smiled at me.

He wasn't creepy; I was just being a bitch. Without Hal in the picture, I probably would have given him some first or second base action. I'm sure that the cars on either side knew when Mitch came. He screamed do loudly and Jennifer gagged as he held her head down on his cock. Without a word I handed a few napkins back over my shoulder for Jennifer to clean up.

The rest of the movie was spent keeping Derek's hands from draping around my neck or touching my thigh. I would give him an A for persistence. The movie couldn't have ended soon enough and we were on our way back to the hotel. My plan was to claim a room and turn in for the night, but that was not to be.

Mitch took a long swig from a bottle of cheap whisky before passing it to Jennifer who gulp some down.

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