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Hot evening with Indian woman in Jersey.

"I can promise you that nothing will happen tonight that you don't want to happen or feel uncomfortable with. My sole purpose tonight is to make you happy, and that is all I will ever wish for you." Taking my face into his hands, he places a soft kiss upon my lips.

We get into his car, and everything he just told me fills my mind. I can't seem to keep my attention on anything but him and his words. I don't know if this was done intentionally to distract me from our destination or what. I begin to doubt my trust in him as everything hits me. I don't really know anything about him; in fact, I know close to nothing about him. I placed my complete trust in him the moment he spoke to me. It seems that I never took the time to think through all of this until right now. My body was trembling, my heart was racing - this time from fear and confusion, rather than excitement and lust, and my mind was filling with more and more doubt. What have I gotten myself into? What exactly is going to happen tonight?

The car stops a few hours later, although it feels much later than it really is. I can't even bring myself to look at him because of everything going through my head. Even though I know it's not true, there's a thought there wondering if I walked into my own death by coming with him tonight. What if he was a mass murderer? I shake my head, driving the thought to the back of my mind, but five others replace it. I don't even notice that he has gotten out of the car and has opened my door, offering his hand to help me out.

"Taylor?" he asks softly. It's almost as if he knows exactly what's going through my head. Then again, how many times have I wondered, before tonight, if he is able to read my mind.

Looking up at him, I force a smile and allow him to help me out of the car. The darkness feels like it's engulfing us, but I know that it is just my paranoia and nothing more. So how exactly am I supposed to make myself feel more comfortable with this whole situation? Even if I wanted to leave, I can't. There's no way I could over-power this man, this man who has stolen my heart....He has yet to do anything to hurt me, so why am I so terrified? It's stupidity, that much I do know. I take a deep breath, and he leads me into the woods. I know he can feel how tense I am, and I wonder if that bothers him. There's nothing I can really do about it, though. I'm trying to calm down...really, I am.

Even though the moon is full, it doesn't seem to be giving off much light at all. Along the way, we pass by a cabin. It confuses me when we don't stop there but continue through the woods. As the trees begin to thin out, I can make out our destination. He's brought me to a cliff and as we near the edge, I see a blanket laid out, along with a few bottles of wine. Is this going to be that big that I'll need to get trashed to let it all sink in? Or is it going to be just him trying to seduce me? Okay, that's a stupid thought. He doesn't need to get me drunk and he knows it. We stop, and still Vincent doesn't say a word to me. He sits down on the blanket and tugs on my hand, pulling me down to join him. I end up on his lap, his arms around my waist. I'm at ease for the moment, but who knows how long this feeling will last. I have a really bad feeling about what's going to happen tonight. I want to run, but at the same time I want to stay. Should I ask him what this is all about, or should I just let him bring it up when he's ready?

We sit in silence for a while as he rocks me in his arms. Even though deep down inside, I know I shouldn't be feeling this way, I still feel really happy and content. There's just something about him that puts me at ease.

He finally breaks the silence, whispering into my ear, "I know I told you this earlier, but you look so beautiful tonight. It's fitting for what I have planned."

I turn to see him smiling at me. I return his smile with one of my own and lean back into his arms. A few minutes later, he sits me down next to him and pours me a glass of wine.

"You're not having any?"

"No, not tonight.