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Soma's orientation begins; a demonstration of oral skills

But Ravelleon did not view it in that way.

He knew she remained proud of her identity as a Priestess, and seemed not to see their work and nature as he did. He recognised now through her, how a Priestess felt about her 'work'. They deemed the sexual act to be a service of kindness and affection, and not a matter for high dedication. It was easily given, and thus they were willing prostitutes, a profession which most Vanmarian women would have done anything to avoid.

She was strong willed and he had been unable to move her on the subject. He knew there was no way while even she remained with the Priestesses in Dalos that she would cease her old habits. And so the solution of bringing her to Prancir appealed to him greatly. In cultured Dumis she would see how ladies should behave, and learn to dedicate herself wholly to the man who loved her. He felt no dislike of what she was, he loved her precisely because of her open background. It had made her in his eyes superior to Prancirian women who were cold. But he wanted her for himself, no longer to be shared with his soldiers.

For some days he was unwilling to frame the words to ask her to accompany him. If she would not come to Dumis he would lose her. He was unable to face the consequences of her refusal and spent his idle moments worrying. Yet he was a wealthy General, and what life did she enjoy here? Surely she would wish one day to leave the communicability of the dormitory for the privacy and opulence of his Dumis house. He hoped that her declared wish to travel to Vanmar might cause her to decide in his favour. The time approached when he could no longer put off telling her. He must use every encouragement to take her with him.

He was tense tonight, she detected. Something was wrong. He was withdrawn, as if anxious about something. She was used to him being full of confidence and as he had grown used to her, more demanding of her in the bed they usually shared. But tonight there was a trepidation about him which she could not understand. As she soothed his chest and slowly handled his penis with her light touch she talked lazily with him, careful not to tax him, so that his arousal would remain complete. "Have you been working hard today Ravelleon, you seem tired."

"I always work hard. That is always the life of a General."

"I know it is. You work too hard. You should try resting more often and let your army have a holiday. Let my people be. It would do all of you much good", she said, knowing that what she said to him could not do much good. There seemed to be no saving her people from Vanmarian hard work. All she could do was joke. Even if she did persuade her General to rest more and delay his campaigns, there seemed little chance of persuading his government or the other nations to stop.

He ignored her gripes. He was well used to them. She knew he could not rest until this conflict was finished. She knew his belief in what he did for his country.

Ah well, he thought to himself, there was no point in delaying the hour further. Now while they were both relaxed and talking. While she felt the power of his presence and he lay open before her, he would tell her. It was a time for openness and honesty.

"You know I don't want to live without you don't you?" he began vaguely.

"Yes," she answered.

He hesitated, then began again with a different tack. "You have told me from the beginning of our relationship, of your impatience with life in Shanla, your desire to travel and understand the world more, and particularly of your curiosity to see Vanmar and to understand our peoples."

"Yes?" What was he leading up to with this introduction? She guessed that his mood had been diminished because he had something to say to her, and she sensed that these comments were preparing her for his news.