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She's humiliated by tattoos.


Looking pleased with himself he said, "Glad you like it," as he pulled out a chair for her.

Serena did her best to keep her moaning to a minimum as she ate, but holy shit, it had to be one of the best things she'd ever put in her mouth -- well aside from him.

But as she finished the last few bites, she finally looked over at him, dreading what she had to say. "You know, I think we need to talk, Jon."

Pushing away his plate, looking a little uncomfortable, he still joked and said, "What, too much onion?"

Smiling at him, she shook her head. "No. Thank you so much for that, though, it was perfect." Then running a finger around the top of her juice glass, heaving a sigh, she said, "I was thinking of taking this next week off to spend some time with you. I've got a lot of vacation time coming to me."

Smiling, he reached for her hand and gave it a squeeze, sounding hopeful. "That sounds good."

Then she clarified, wiping the grin off his face. "What I had in mind was showing you around the city a little and checking out your school."

He nodded. "I guess that would be okay, too."

Looking over at his handsome face, she decided this would be the beginning of the end for them. She could show him around his school, and with any luck he'd get a look at all the hot young things and then poof -- she'd be a distant memory. Although part of her hated that she had to end it, her conscience told her it was the right thing to do.

She frowned, reaching for her coffee. Stupid conscience, always nagging at her to do the right thing.

After breakfast, Serena decided they'd take a walk over to Central Park. And it turned out it was fun just walking around with him. He was so bright, and so easy to talk to. And they seemed to talk about everything under the sun, from their taste in music to movies, to favorite foods, even sharing a few childhood memories, some even a little embarrassing. Along the way, she noticed almost every woman they passed giving him the once over, some even doing a double take, he was just that hot. Most she decided at a glance weren't even close to being worthy of him, as she kept telling herself he'd find someone more his age that would be perfect for him, hopefully before the week was out, and his sister got back.

For dinner they went to a terrific Thai restaurant, and they laughed and had a great time through dinner, too. Watching him eat, she couldn't believe he was as young as he was. She'd dated guys a lot older, who'd acted a lot less mature. But no matter how bright or funny or interesting or fantastic in bed he was, there was no getting around the fact he was still in his teens, and she just couldn't see herself ever being able to live with the idea of going out with a kid.

Even one as insanely hot as he was.

Because really, how could she possibly go to cocktail or dinner party with him when he wasn't even old enough to drink. And wouldn't it be cute, introducing him to her politically active parents: 'Mom, Dad, this is Jon, and he's finally old enough to vote. But I wouldn't offer him a beer.'

When they got back to the condo, Jon tipped up her face and said, "Thanks for today. I had a great time with you Serena."

She nodded, but knew she had to tell him that it was over, and they wouldn't be sleeping together anymore. But before she could even decide how to tell him, he was pulling her into his arms and taking her mouth in a kiss so hot, she found she could barely think by the time he lifted his head, much less speak.

Still, resolved to do the right thing, sanity prevailed and she got up the nerve and told him, "I'm sorry, Jon, but we won't be sleeping together anymore."

Searching her face, he said, "Can I ask why?"

Unable to meet his eyes, her gaze dropped to the floor. "Look, it's been great, fantastic even, but you're just too young for me. And I should never have let it get this far."

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