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A recounting of passion, in homage to P.G. Wodehouse.

I spend several minutes at tit-level, rewarding myself with her boobs.

She pulls me back up and I unhook her bra from behind. Her bra falls and her magnificent breasts are released from their enclosure. She turns around and lets me play with her melons from behind, while she rests my cock in the nape of her ass. I begin to feel her up again and could cum just playing withher tits, but I don't. I know there's more to come.

She removes her thong and We drop to the bed, where she proceeds to straddle my face, grinding her moistening pussy onto my mouth. I lick and nibble on her pussy lips and my tongue quickly finds her hardening clit. I flick it with my tongue, nibble on it, and hold it in place with my teeth as I forcefully flick my tongue across it, up and down, side to side, and in circles.

This drives her wild and in no time, she's cumming in my mouth, driving her pussy harder onto my working mouth. She realizes that she's smothering me and lets up a little, but never lets her clit leave my mouth.

I reach up and fondle her big bouncing breasts and she arches her back again. She's rocking back and forth showing no sign of getting off her ride and is nearly ready to cum again, as evidenced by her shrieks, moans, and numerous cries of "Oh shit!" I'm trapped in heaven and continue to forcefully stimulate her clit with my tongue and teeth and in minutes, she shudders, climaxing again and again under the action of my tongue.

She falls to the bed and I am permitted to come up for air. Her clit and pussy is still sensitive, and I lightly touch both with my fingertips.

"Oh God, no! Stop! I need a rest!", she manages to say, breathing heavily and trying to regain her composure. Her face is flushed and she looks exhausted. Did I mention that she is easily orgasmic? No? Well, she can cum in minutes if one knows what to do to her, and I gues I know exactly what to do!

Il et up and watch her catch her second wind while I feel her body up and down, from her calves, up to her hips, to the inside of her thighs. She realizes what I'm doing and clamps those soft thighs down. I withdraw my hand and begin to work it over her curvy hips, across her ass, and up to her waist.

She arches her back to get closer and knowingly pushes her big pillowy breasts out, temptingly closer to me. I can't resist and my hands are drawn to her breasts like metal to a powerful magnet. I excitedly play with them, taking one huge breast in 2 hands, and still having some breast uncovered.

She smiles at me and I can see she's ready to continue. I lean over and bury my face in the valley created by her mountainous tits. I feel them on my head and begin to lick and suck her nipples, one at a time. I squeeze her breasts together, putting both nipples within range of my mouth and caress them with my tongue, my hands roaming over every inch of her enormous soft tits.

"You like those big titties?" she asks. "They're all yours, if you can handle them. They're so big, and so sensitive."

"Mmmm hmmm" I mutter, smothering my face in her boobs.

She continues "I see the way you look at them and I love showing you some cleavage. I know it drives you wild for me. I dress that way on purpose, knowing you love my big, big titties. You do love my big tits, don't you?"

I come up for air and tell her that "I love them, I love them in my mouth. I love them against me. I love them in a bra. I love them free. I love holding them, they feel so so big and soft."

She pulls away for puts her head in my crotch, taking my cock into her mouth. SHe's never been fond of giving blowjobs, but does so occasionally. This is one of those occasions.

Suddenly, I grow even harder, if that's possible, as I picture the cock in her mouth to be Doug's! I subconsciously begin thrusting into her mouth as I imagine Doug's big, hard, throbbing hose being tongued by Alison's mouth, the big dark shaft going in and out, in and out.

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