The ocean claims its new lover. Sex Images

Deana Returns.

After a few hard, deep thrusts, I turned her again, putting her on all fours and then commenced properly fucking her, each piston like movement followed by a sharp slap to one of her now crimson cheeks.

As we both came in unison, our deep grunts echoing across the bay, Patty finally said, "You two are fucking wild. Jesus, I can't believe you guys. Uncle, you are definitely dangerous."

"C'mere Patty, come and clean off your Uncle," I panted, offering up my still dripping prick. "I think Bev might like you to lick her off too, my sweet niece," I added, and watched as Patty's tongue flicked from my prick to Bev's sodden, distended pussy. Later, as the three of us lay together on the lounger I asked Bev about her desire to be spanked.

"My daddy spanked me," she started shyly; "He used to spank me when I was a senior in high school. About once a week he'd spank me, he'd always find some excuse to take me over his knee. My Mom was dead by then and it was just the two of us living together."

"Did he abuse you sexually?" Patty asked nervously.

"No, he never did that. But I knew it excited him. I could feel his hardness as he spanked me and I always got excited when he had me naked over his lap. I loved the feel of him on my skin, his hands so close to my pussy. He must have known I got excited but he never took it any further. He just wasn't ready to have sex with his daughter. I often went to my room and masturbated until I came. I think he did the same. I've was tempted to fuck him when I went home from school the last couple of times but I didn't have the guts. He still spanks me though," she finished, smiling.

"But you're 21! Why put up with it?" Patty protested.

"I like it," the youngster admitted readily, "Sex and a spanking are wired into me now. I loved it when your Uncle hit me. And God, when he fucked me, my ass still throbbing, oh Christ, it was fucking heaven. I know I'm going to fuck Daddy the next time I'm home. He's going to have something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, I guarantee you."

A couple of days later Bev returned with various art equipment and molds, and proceeded to get a couple of good impressions of my erect prick. She left happily, her bum scarlet, and her sexual itch entirely satisfied. I loved the little one but knew we were both using each other for our various needs. It was obvious that Bev would have to figure out just where her Dad was going to fit in her sexual future. I knew that the two of them would probably end up together, her desire for him was apparent to all. I looked forward to the tale she'd have to tell after returning from her Thanksgiving trip home.

Twenty days later Patty and Bev arrived home carrying a couple of large bags. As they rushed upstairs to Patty's room, they called to me that they'd have a surprise for me at dinner time. When the two little sluts came to the dinner table, where I was already seated, they were naked, and each had a large realistic looking penis poking out from their groins. Laughing and giggling, they pranced around the table, shaking their artificial pricks at me as they went. Lin, when she came in carrying the meal, was astounded at the sight, but soon recovered and joined the girls in their erotic dance. "You girls have pricks like the Master's," she exclaimed. "Do you want to fuck little Lin?" she enquired coyly.

Finally the two stopped their dance, and approached me, one standing on each side of me, their penises quivering in the air. "I got to admit Bev, they are very lifelike. You may have a future in dildo manufacturing if your art work doesn't pay. Are they really exact copies of mine?" I inquired as I touched Patty's to try and figure what material it was made of. The plastic/rubber compound was perfectly flesh colored, with the engorged tip a darker red and large blue veins running up the shaft. Lowering my pants and pulling out my penis, I compared the fake with the original and was astounded at the match.