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You bring your husband a surprise after a girl's night out.

How do you want yours cooked?"

"Medium rare will be fine. I'm glad you're not mad at me, and I'm not wearing panties either."

"Was I that obvious?" I asked, kissing her luscious lips.

"Perfectly obvious," Marie answered, returning my kisses, "I've been going through the cupboards and we need to go grocery shopping. I want you to taste my sauce."

"No we don't and I will taste your sauce momentarily. Any objections?"

"Not that kind of sauce," she said laughing, as I caressed her firm ass.

"You said you want me to taste your sauce. Your sauce. Marie's sauce. What other kind of sauce is there?"

"I meant tomato sauce and you know it, so stop being obtuse."

"What, tomato sauce down there? Won't that be messy? It will stain the sheets. What if I get tomato sauce in my eye brows? How undignified," And then I waved my hand as if dismissing the silly notion, while keeping a straight face, "And I won't stop, I love squeezing your little caboose."

Marie started mussing my hair vigorously and laughed, "You are impossible, Patrick. Do you know that? Do you? You can be so stern and unyielding, but then so silly. That is why I love you."

* *


"Of course I have fallen in love with him," I was thinking, "How could I not? Patrick is the least passive aggressive man that I have ever met and the most truthful. He doesn't hide behind words and fancy talk. He told me straight up about Susan, too. I have to admit that I am a little bit afraid of him, though. Or is it respect? Make it both. But I love him, and he loves me. What you see are what you get," and then I asked, "Do you have anything to say to me, Patrick?"

"Yes, your eye looks much better."

"Thank you, anything else?"

"Yes, you look lovely in that dress."

"Anything else?" I continued asking, tugging on his hair.

"Yes, you are hot and sexy."

"You are getting warm, please continue."

"That is the best Italian dressing that I have ever tasted...ouch."

"You are impossible, Mr. Buchanan," I said, kissing his lips.

Patrick then lifted my dress and started rubbing my pussy with his hand, "Tell me my sexy little bitch, do you want me to

lick and suck your plump pussy, or do you want to fuck?"

Not answering, I took my dress completely off and dropped it to the kitchen floor.

* *


Marie told me that she loved me. I knew she would, I just knew it. I picked her up, and then carried my darling Marie, who felt as light as a feather, into the bedroom where I put her gently on our bed. I didn't bother to undress, as I was intent on pleasing her. I could wait until later.

I put a pillow underneath her shapely ass and spread her legs. I started kissing and licking Marie's beautiful rounds breasts until I could smell the sweet moistness between her legs. Marie's moans and deep breathing were like music to my ears. I was somewhat humbled by it, actually. It was nice that Marie could be herself with me. I then went down on her, licking and

sucking, probing her clitoris with my tongue. Marie's hands were in my hair, pushing my head against her dripping pussy while verbally urging me on. I could feel her swollen clitoris pulsating against my tongue as if it had a life of its own. She was moaning softly and rocking her hips from side to side. Marie tasted delicious. Vanilla spice delicious. Performing oral sex on a woman is something I enjoy greatly. I could never understand why so many men disdain it. They obviously didn't know what they were missing or how much women enjoy it. Many married women deny their husbands oral sex and the husbands can't understand why. They just accept it or make jokes about it, such as, "The minute I said I do, she didn't"...the dopes.

Marie's orgasm came in waves with her sweet juices covering my face as I licked like mad and held her in place to keep her from sliding off the bed.

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