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Major Arthur Pendragon lead his group of survivors...

By my estimation, it wouldn't have been long before my engorgement would've reached a palpably uncomfortable level anyway, so I just sighed and resumed watching the movie while I gladly breastfed my friend.

Nevertheless, I remained just aware of it enough to emit the occasional moan as Wendy suckled with obvious relish. When the well began to dry up just as my flick was conveniently ending, I turned just enough to thrust the remaining boob into her mouth, which earned me a purr of satisfaction as my redhead companion immediately began gulping down a fresh flow of milk.

My roommate's mother picked us up at the airport. She was essentially a more portly version of her progeny, so I hardly needed Wendy to identify her when we spotted her in the crowd waiting at the terminal. Linda gave her daughter a long hug, and Wendy had barely finished introducing us before she also engulfed me in a shorter but still quite firm embrace. She was certainly a warm and friendly woman. Within a half an hour, we had claimed our luggage and loaded it as well as ourselves into Linda's minty green Prius. Along the way, she seemed sincerely interested in getting to know me, so I gladly answered her questions about my hometown, my major, and my life aspirations. Linda then informed me that Dina, had been a member of her GLK chapter during her college years and that the latter's twin daughters and youngest sister would be the first members of the groom's family that we would meet. Apparently, not even their somewhat lavish home could house all of the extended kin that had gathered for the occasion. Eager to escape for a while from the intense hustle-and-bustle, the three eighteen-year-olds had volunteered to bunk at Linda's house for the next couple of nights. At the mention of three teenagers, Linda chuckled in anticipation of my question and explained that Dina's mother had managed to get unexpectedly pregnant at 41, around the same time that Dina herself conceived her own daughters at 23. As a result, the twins and their aunt were all essentially the same age. In fact, the trio would be graduating from high school together in a couple of months. With a wink, Linda also told us that Dina had incorporated GLK's unorthodox breastfeeding habits into her whole branch of the family, so discretion would never be necessary while staying with them. In fact, having actually grown up with it, they would probably think even less of it than we did.

That's how we met Michelle, Monica, and Veronica. Michelle welcomed us with a genuine but lopsided smile that we would soon learn belied a very wry sense of humor. She presented herself in faded blue jeans, a white tank top, and an open flannel overshirt. Such a relatively plain style of dress suited her no-nonsense attitude, I suppose, but I couldn't help but muse at how little justice it did to her natural beauty. As if her intelligent green eyes and long waves of raven hair weren't enough, clearly enviable curves seemed to perpetually peek out beneath her mildly frumpy clothes. Her two auburn-haired neices were an interesting pair. Although both Monica and Veronice were at least roughly just as pretty as their aunt, they each had a more distinctive wardrobe. Monica wore dark blue jeans, a red polo shirt, and a fringed vest, while Veronica's style was exemplified by white denim capris and a peasant top. In mannerisms, though, they resembled their aunt much more.

As it was quite late by then, our albeit lively chatting lasted only fifteen minutes before we decided to retire to Wendy's room for the night. It was a cozy abode with teal walls, white furniture, and sky blue bedclothes. We wasted little time in changing into our pajamas and practically collapsing onto Wendy's comfortable bed, which was just wide enough to accommodate us both quite nicely. Wendy was out like a light within minutes, and I followed soon after.

It was abut 10:30