Flash story - Betrayal and alcohol don't mix. Sex Images

Interlude with a bite.


It was apparent that whether she admitted it or not she really liked the rough treatment. But, I didn't know whether or not she had been fucked up the ass before so I decided to proceed, at first anyway, slowly with my anal penetration. As the head popped in she gasped and cried out, "Oh fuck your fat cock hurts take it out. I'll do anything else; fuck it hurts."

Even though I had promised to stuff her mouth if she kept up the talking I let her be and stop my thrust for a couple of seconds allowing time for her shit hole to get used to it's invader. Then giving her rump another swat with my hand I pushed in just a little deeper, then a little deeper. She moaned out as she tried to relax her muscles to allow me inside. After several pushes finally I was balls deep in her tight butt hole. Slowly I pulled out and pushed back into her cavern. Her moans slowly turned into moans of pleasure. Now confident that my cock was welcome and she could handle it I gave her ass several swats and began furiously pummeling her rectum.

Hearing her tits slap together with each thrust I reached around and grabbed one smashing it against her chest eliciting a soft cooing of encouragement. She arched her back and wiggled her ass and hollered, "Mother fucker, can't you fuck me any harder than that, god damn it."

Sweat was pouring from my forehead as I answered, "So bitch you like it rough, huh? You ain't seen nothing yet!"

Now, I pounded her ass as hard as I could, thrust after thrust. I was getting close to cumming again as I reached around her and latched hard onto both of her boobs. Furiously I squeezed, pinched, and yanked her melons. My prick exploded in her shitty depths as we fell apart. My dick came out of her tight hole making a popping noise as it came out of her.

I was about to have her clean off my cock with her mouth when we heard the slamming of a car door in the driveway. Like a shot we bolted up running around the room gathering up clothing. She ran to the bathroom while I ran to my bedroom. I emerged from the bedroom before the front door opened hoping we hadn't left any buttons lying around in plain sight.

The rest of the evening went on as if nothing had happened but when I climbed in bed with my wife that night she got the best fuck I had given her in a long time. I don't know if our activities made a difference that night for the big ass bitch and my son or not but were enjoying my wife too much to care.

After I got home from work the very next night I spotted my slutty daughter in law in the kitchen and waltzed over to her. My wife and son were sitting in the living room watching the news. I jabbed my fist between her legs, nearly lifting her up, as I pushed into the crotch of her blue jeans. Lustfully I asked, "How the fuck is my slutty cunt doing?"

Surprised at my boldness she looked over at me in shock. She gave my hand a swipe trying to dislodge it from her privates. Coolly she whispered, "My pussy is doing just fine, a little sore, but fine. But, are you crazy they are just in the next room, so quit it."

I knew she was right but merely wanted to make her fully aware that I intended on carrying through with my promise of using her body anytime I wanted too. So just as coolly I whispered back, "Not until you yank the fuck out of my cock."

Without any hesitation she grasped my pecker through my trousers and gave it a couple of soft strokes and then wrapping her fingers around it then tried to yank it to the floor. An audible gasp came from me as I let go of her crotch. I looked up to see her scampering to the living room to sit beside her husband.

This brief encounter had served its purpose as I knew she would be my slut for the taking.