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She finds toys and ropes are not fun.

"From now on," Lesley said in a soft voice. "If you need to talk... about anything... you talk to me. I will always listen, okay." She laughed, adding, "And no more trail-running alone!"

Rosie barked in agreement.

I smiled against Lesley's shoulder. "But, who would I run with?"

Lesley shook her head with a giggled response. "Honestly, why I even bother trying to do a good deed for a smartass like you, is beyond me."

"I'm not sure," I laughed. "Maybe you're some sort of sadomasochist at heart."

"I must be to put up with this sort of abuse."

We each fell silent for a moment before I hugged her shoulders gently.

"Les," I whispered.

"Yes, babe?"

"Thank you."

We made it safely off the trail that day. In months to come, there were many trail-runs together. She became a very key part of my life. Just as she had asked, whenever I felt the need to talk with someone, I would call her to suggest a run. She was always up for it which meant so much to me as we grew closer.

Today, was another such day. I had called her the night before asking if she would meet me for an early morning run.

Lesley had become very good at reading my moods and gaged this as a bit of an emergency. She immediately agreed to meet me.

My brown eyes watched Lesley closely as we steeped out of her Wrangler. For a moment, I was briefly distracted by the fact that Rosie hurried off without any warning to set out on some adventure without us. The fact was, that I had so much on my mind other than Rosie's whereabouts.

In this time in which we stretched, we might have usually taken the opportunity to talk. However, I could not bring myself to do that on this morning. It bothered me so much that the one person, who I had come to rely upon so much was the one person that I could not talk with this about.

As she bent down to stretch her hamstrings, I took in the beauty of her shape. She grasped hold of her ankles tormenting me to no end.

I wanted her. I wanted her so much. My hands ached to caress those long legs being hugged so tightly in within her running pants. My mouth wanted desperately to kiss over her full breasts, to suckle at the erected nipples which immediately stood on end with the cool morning air, pressing out defiantly against the stretchy fabric of her sports bra. I felt my excitement growing and knew that I must leave for my run or she would feel my lustful gaze on her.

I briefly took another moment to stretch. I could hear her calling to me over my shoulder, warning me against this act and then asking me to wait but, I wouldn't wait. I didn't listen. I had a lot of things on my mind and needed to think. Here in this place, these woods, I found a bit of peace and needed that now.

It was not too long before I heard the footsteps of the talented athlete behind me catching up to me. Lesley seemed to know every inch of this mountain-side. The hills, the forest's floor, none of this proved too much for her.

My peripheral vision saw her. She was stunning in all black with her long white-blonde hair swept back into a ponytail.

"What's the matter, baby?" Lesley asked in a voice that sounded more like the concerned lover than a worried friend. It was true. She and I had become so much closer in recent months. I had thought that we might be evolving past friendship but, that seemed to come to a grinding halt when I called her a few days before in the hopes that we might discuss our growing feelings for one, another.

The phone had been answered by a sultry voice, belonging to someone named, Denise, who playfully told me that Lesley was, "busy." A heartbeat in which my own heart felt like crumbling, passed before I heard Lesley in the background. Lesley sounded so happy with this woman.

I hadn't left a message I had simply mumbled a quick response and hung up the phone as quickly as possible.

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