Trapped in a dungeon for tickle torture... Sex Images

A naked man. A clothed female.

"Can . . . can you put it up my ass?" she asked, wanting to emulate Alice, several feet away from her.

"I think..." Robert said, and while Molly watched dispassionately, he gestured to his male counterpart that they should rearrange her. And so, hugging her from behind, Robert's shaft found itself wedged against the crack of Molly's ass. He squeezed his hands between Molly and Long Dong Silver's bodies and held Molly's firm, pliant breasts.

She sighed as Long Dong Silver's cock entered her wet, spongy cunt.

Robert nibbled the lobe of her ear, causing her to giggle. He tried to move his hands around on her breasts but Long Dong Silver's arms got in his way. So he contented himself with running his thumbs over her nipples.

"You guys gonna fuck both my holes?" She asked, not realizing she was already half way to her fantasy.

Twisting her body, Molly forced Robert to shift back a little, and looked over her shoulder at Robert's sleek, black body and smiled.

"You guys have the nicest cocks..." and promptly raised her rear so Robert could take a bead on her puckered brown spot.

He was in her immediately, bouncing her forward.

"Oh yeah! That's it! Fuck my ass!" Molly panted, still looking over her shoulder.

Her rectum had already been used earlier and so Robert had little difficulty in wedging himself further inside her.

"Jesus that feels good!" She cried out as Robert sent his black prick surging along her anal canal.

"Wait, wait, wait!" She wailed, and he halted his thrusting, fearing he had inflicted pain and not wanting to do so.

"What is it? Did I go to far to fast?" He asked, and realized she was holding Long Dong Silver's prick in her hand, never having stopped jerking upon it.


Alice was in awe. Three cocks to play with. At the moment all three hovered in front of her shimmering face. She gave them a Cheshire like grin then reached down and pulled her cunt lips wide.

"Yes, c'mon Tool...put it in...all of it! I want all your cocks in me," she panted.

They all chuckled. Slowly, "The Tool" guided his cock to her cunt and squeezed his enormous cockhead through the moist portals of her pussy. She grunted with obvious discomfort as the bulging cockhead popped into her vagina. As far as Alice was concerned his cock felt like a blazing torch, sizzling its way toward her womb.

She recoiled in semi-shock and gasped loudly, "Jesus Christ it's big!"

Still she retained enough sense to grasp the other two cocks and bring them close to her sensual lips. Big Mitchie's was first into her mouth as she laved her tongue over his foreskin, enjoying the presence of an uncircumcised prick in her mouth.

On the third long suck on his cock, her cunt spasmed on "The Tool" clamping down on him like a hot, wet, tight vice and "The Tool" flung his head back and gasped in delight, thinking her cunt wonderful, he thrust hard and sank deeper into her soft, velvety cuntal walls.

"OHHH, YES! OH, GOD YES!" she moaned.

Taking the prick from between her lips, she moaned, "Shove it all in!" Oh, God Yeah, shove it all in!"

"The Tool" answered in kind, twisting and thrusting until his entire length was inside Alice's cunt.

She resumed sucking the two cocks confronting her, first Big Mitchie's and then, Dutch's. Alice decided they were equally perfect and hoped they wouldn't come for a long, long time.

The Tool paused to savor the exquisite heat of her cunt and its powerful contractions on his invading member. Alice's hips writhed and ground in slow, heavy circles, her cunt spasming on his cock. His face craned in delight and he groaned at the wet heat of her slit.

Beneath him, Alice's face contorted in a rictus of lust, her back bowed taut. Her fingers cupped his balls, squeezing gently. "The Tool" moaned loudly and Alice countered with a whimper of her own.

A moment later Alice giggled inanely, and holding both Big Mitchie and Dutch, took both their pricks and fed them into her painfully stretched mouth.

She whimpered as she sucked, teasing two sets of balls as The Tool drove his monstrous instrument in and out at a