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Love in a storm.

Steve kneeled behind her and grasped her hips, pulling her back until the tip of his cock rubbed against the opening to her musty hole. He leaned forward and slowly entered her, the giant dick stretching her wide and slipping in a little at a time. Gwen let out a moan and pressed back into him, she was hornier than I've ever seen her. She never let Jim's cock out of her mouth, sucking and licking for all she was worth.

Carol was intrigued, "Look at that slut suck! I'm definitely going to have her eat me out, I think I'm going to cum all over her face too!"

When Gwen heard this she started rocking back and forth, and I knew she was giving Steve the fucking of his life. She has very strong pussy muscles, and works them out. She can actually make it feel like a hand job when she is fucking, her pussy grip is so strong. Steve grabbed her waist and started banging her right back, Sharon urging him on.

"Fuck," Steve shouted! "I'm going to cum hard, her fucking cunt feels so fucking tight! I'm going to fucking cum right NOW!" Steve's whole body shook with the force of his orgasm, which in turn set off tremors in Gwen.

"Oh God", she cried. "You're filling me with cum! I'm cumming too! OH FUCK I'M CUMMING SO HARD". She leaned back as hard as she could on Steve's spurting member, milking every spasm with voraciousness. Steve pulled out and Gwen was still on her knees, her pussy gaping from the fucking and cum just starting to ooze out of her hole.

John and Jim helped her to her feet, and led her to a low padded table with cuffs on all four corners. I watched as they fastened her wrists down, and then her ankles. The cuffs were positioned so that her knees had to be bent, and they then tied one knee to the other with the strap running under the table so that she lay on her back, with her knees spread wide fully exposing her cum drenched pussy.

Carol pulled off her clothes, and stepped around to the table. "I want a thorough licking from you," she told Gwen as she positioned herself over Gwen's face. She lowered herself so that Gwen could just lick her pussy lips, which were very wet and slick already.

"Your turn," said Jim. I was led to the table next to Gwen, and tied down in similar fashion. The cameras were repositioned to catch all the action. I turned my head to see that Carol had sat down completely on Gwen's face, and was grinding and rubbing her cunt to the pace of Gwen's ministrations.

"She's really eating me out well," said Carol. "Jim, why don't you give her cunt some attention? I know how much you like sloppy seconds, it looks like Steve really left a big load in there, it should be nice and gushy."

Jim didn't need any further encouragement, he stepped right up to Gwen and plunged his cock into her open hole. Gwen grunted and squirmed a little, but couldn't really move much as Carol's twat was still firmly planted on her face.

"And now something for you," Sharon said. I looked over to see she was modeling a strap on dildo, which she had attached with a very sturdy looking harness. She turned sideways so I could see the length, and I must admit she looked very intimidating. She was rubbing lubricant up and down the length, as if she were fisting herself off.

"Open wide honey," she told me as she stepped up and placed the tip against my exposed ass. "Just relax and get ready for a nice fucking. I'm going to end up screwing you quite hard, this strap on has nubs that rub against my clit, and the harder I fuck you the better it feels. You be a good little slut and make it nice for me."

With my legs up and spread like that it was easy for her to slide the entire length right up me. I groaned and she laughed, and started a slow rhythm back and forth, pulling out almost all the way and then plunging back in to the hilt.

Janice laughed at my predicament and said, "I think he likes it! He's like a little whore, all anxious to get her ass fucked!"

Sharon agreed and asked me "Is that what you are? Are you a little fucking slut that likes getting fucked? You like having my cock deep in your ass

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