Dirty old man makes an offer she wants to refuse. Sex Images

Blake discovers his true nature.

It sent a shudder through her body that rippled from her shoulder to between her legs.

Minutes passed by, but they felt like hours before she heard a new set of footsteps. These were less purposeful, more hesitant. The stride was uneven as if one leg was lame. Slowly, tentatively they approached closer. Whoever it was walked up and stood in front of her. She heard the rustle of fabric. She smelled jasmine again and some other sweet scent. She could hear ragged breathing.

She wasn't sure, but thought she could hear a rhythmic rubbing sound. The thought occurred to her that there was a man in front of her and he was masturbating. Still feeling the effects of the drug, it excited her in a perverse sort of way. She heard more footsteps. She heard a rustle of cloth again and the person in front of her left hurriedly. She heard his footfalls pad down the corridor.

Two individuals walked up to her. She couldn't be sure but thought they might be the two from before. She thought she recognized the one sure and one uneven footstep from before. They came to a halt in front of her.

She felt calloused hands on her breasts. They were kneaded, lifted up, and her nipples pinched. The pressure stopped just short of causing pain. The hand reached between her thighs and spread her lips. She felt a moistness start to form.

She gasped and called out, "Who are you? What do you want with me?"

The hand left from between her legs. Neither of the two said anything. They left as wordlessly as they had come.

Shortly, she heard footsteps behind her. The one from earlier that had left in a hurry was coming back. He, for she thought it was a man, came up behind her. She heard the rustle of fabric again. Something stiff rubbed across the top her hand where it was tied to the chair. She was sure it was a penis. She clenched her hands in surprise.

She tried again, "Who are you? What do you want with me?"

This time she was answered with a. "Shhh!"

The stiff object was rubbed up her arm and into her breast. She could feel a moist heat and smelled a musky smell. A hand rubbed up her thigh and onto her vagina. She jumped as the finger penetrated her.

A man's voice in her ear said, "You're not supposed to be here. They grabbed the wrong girl. They are deciding what to do with you. You won't do. You won't do at all."

She smelled exotic spices on his breath. She responded, "What do you mean?

"Be quiet. The less you know the better," he said.

"Sit here and say nothing. Learn nothing. Remember nothing. Your life depends on that."

She felt his hands on her head turning her to the right and pulling her head down. A hard cock pressed against her lips.

"Make me happy. I get a vote on your fate." He whispered.

He pressed harder against her lips and she couldn't resist the pressure. She didn't want to resist the pressure. He pressed into her mouth and she tasted his cock on her tongue. It tasted slightly of salt and musk. A satin fabric rubbed on her shoulders and breasts. One hand pressed on the back of her head as he thrust into her. Another hand roughly massaged her breasts. It moved down across her stomach and into her vagina. His stomach pressed into her forehead as he continued to thrust. She felt more aroused than she had ever been before.

Despite the outrage she should have felt at this violation, she couldn't help the arousal that was building in her and spreading throughout her body. She felt herself getting wetter the more he thrust his fingers into her. Her arousal built to a crescendo. His cock thrust deeper and more quickly into her mouth.

She stopped being passive and actively sucked his cock into her mouth. Her tongue ran up the underside of his penis. She pushed her head forward to force his cock down her throat.

She heard a grunt and a strangled cry.