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If you walked closer by, you would hear the "Mm's" and "Ah's" of our passions mingling and mixing like our spit. If you got even closer, you would notice that here was a man passionately consuming a boy, with hands fondling crotches and genitals be groped and massaged.

Not surprisingly, that thought sent a jolt of sexual electricity straight down to the very tip of my swollen cock. I could almost hear it go pop. The forbidden-ness of what we were doing, the taboo factor of the age difference and the fact that he was barely legal stirred the furnace of a sexual fire I had not felt since my marriage some ten years ago. This was what I have been longing for, this was what used to make me feel so alive, this was what I'd happily cheat on my wife for.

Oh wife!



I forgot it all in that moment! Suddenly, images of church bells, flowing gowns, champagne glasses and white roses flashed through my head. I am cheating on my wife with an 18 year old boy! What am I doing?!

I opened my eyes and came back into my body, into the car and realized that I was still clutching on to Matt's twitching erection through his pants. He was laying there with eyes closed with a pained looked of pleasure furrowed in his brows, completely lost in the pleasure of it all.

In that moment, the bubble burst with a mighty "thwump" and reality came rushing in like a bad flush. I looked around and realized where I was and what I was doing. Oh god! What just happened?! What did I just do?!

I quickly let go of Matt's crotch and looked at my hands in disbelief, like as if it was just possessed by some unknown demon. I strained at my hand to see if I could catch a glimpse of that invisible puppeteer.

With a heavy sigh, I fell back into the leather of my seat. All I knew was that I was breathing and something powerful had just overcome me. I couldn't tell you if I was in shock, bliss or, worst still, trouble. All I knew was just my breath and somewhere I heard a bird chirp.

Then slowly, images start to filter through my consciousness. Shower, soap, cock, tongues, moaning, a young face, hurried gropes and hungry kisses. I was there, it was not a dream, it happened. My heart squeezed, paused and then fell into the pit of my stomach. I just seduced a teen boy and had nothing short of a powerful sexual exchange.

For God sakes, I felt like we both fucked each other's aura till it oozed and dripped with cum.

I unconsciously rested one arm on the car door and braced my head on my hand. Reality ended. ... I couldn't say for how long I stayed that way, it felt like lifetimes had passed, but I was brought back from my trance when I felt a warm hand slide onto my thigh.


And there he was, Matt. He was still beside me, sitting there lost in his own world, completely oblivious to the armageddon that had just passed through my system.

"Hi", he smiled, his eyes still vacant and lost in the stupor of the pleasure he just experienced.

"Mmm, that was so amazing Josh. I think I must have fell asleep for a bit, did I?"

"Um...I dunno know, I was too."

"That's good", Matt said. He took a restful breath, closed his eyes and turned his head back straight on to the headrest, seemingly luxuriating in the afterglow of our sexual tryst.

Interestingly, I found myself relaxing and my stomach unknotting. "It's okay", a voice in my head said, "apparently you didn't do anything wrong, he is totally blissful". I let out a long sigh of relief. It's all okay. I didn't break him or corrupt his soul into eternal damnation. What am I saying, I didn't corrupt MY soul into eternal damnation. "Pheww."

"Hmm? What's that?" Matt said half consciously.

"Oh, um, nothing, just loving what we just experienced." I said with a half nervous smile.

"Yes, I loved it to, that was so amazing." With a little more life in him, Matt turned toward me again, placed one hand on my thigh, leaned in and gave me a loving kiss.


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