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A bisexual Black man's journey.

But here she was, about to end the spell in that very same place. She lit some candles, unloaded the car with ant's (naked) help and she couldn't help but notice ant's walk had been changed to a waddle as if he dad something in his pants or up his butt.

Once the chores were completed, she told ant to "assume the position on the floor." He got down on his knees, placed his face against the floor and spread his ass wide for Goddess to administer to.

She kept him there, waiting as she unpacked the groceries and put items into the cooler as needed.

One thing that she had learned all those years ago, and it was truer now than ever from ant's condition, was that men experienced more pressure if their balls were pulled backward and not forward. She produced a piece of braided nylon mountaineering rope that had a light green color to it. This had been craftily tied into a sliding noose that could be sized for his neck or balls as needed. She slid the noose between his legs, under his abdomen, over his erect member and then around the dangling testicles and slid the noose tighter behind his balls so that she could pull down and from behind when desired. He squirmed as the noose tightened against his balls and the loop circled the front of his penis. For this, she rewarded ant with 10 tugs from behind and scolded him for moving, making him repeat "I am here to serve Goddess" after each pull.

She opened one of her duffle bags and took out her toys for the weekend. He had never seen some of the devices in person, but had seen pictures and read stories with them. Here, before him was a list of sex toys and domination accessories that he would soon experience. This included a series of dildos that ranged from 1" to 2" wide and from 6" to 10" long. He studied the other items with his eyes and Goddess gave a tug on his leash, again from behind, as she walked by to store the bag on a nearby end table. He could see more ropes, clothespins, paddles, two different sized butt plugs and an assortment of condoms. Goddess rattled the bag as she passed and smiled to let him know that there was more to see later. He saw blindfolds, scarves and several bottles of oils and lubes.

"What would be next?" he thought, but he knew that he would know soon enough.

It was late and both ant and Goddess were tired. Without any warning she lubed up the smaller butt plug and inserted it slowly. "Now push out like a nice horny slut and take this in," she whispered. Slowly and forcefully it went in and he grunted and then smiled as the anal probe went past the high point and was sucked into his body, stopped by the round flat rubber end. "Remain silent ant!" she demanded.

She began stroking his cock with some lube and his erection grew very hard after just 5 strokes. "Eight" he noted after just 20 strokes and then "Eight point five" after just 5 more strokes and then "Nine" after just 5 more strokes. She stopped. Even the condom dangling from his penis did not decrease his sensitivity enough. Goddess waited silently for the erection to subside and she pulled on the rope again to signal the start of the next round. This cycle of almost reaching climax and then having it subside was repeated over and over for the next thirty minutes.

"I'm tired ant and stroking you has given me little pleasure. Lets have some wine and then go to bed. You may speak freely now until such time as you are ready for sleep and then you must be silent."

"How do you feel ant," she asked.

He went on for some time about how he was so terribly horny and sore. In fact he had never been so sore and he noted that the pain in his abdomen was making him feel ill while the butt plug filled him up inside and put pressure on his prostate, making him ache even more. The drip into his condom had again filled the tip. Goddess fetched a fresh condom and removed the old one as he sipped his wine.

"Now open up th