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A couple allows a tourist to enjoy their outdoor love.

I played with her nipples and the more I pulled the louder she moaned and I fucked her.

She was cumming again and I pulled on both nipples she screamed tighten her muscles around my cock and I shot my load into her ass while her pussy was dripping fluid.

We fell asleep and through the night I fucked her again and she was moaning in her sleep, "Oh John you're so wonderful you haven't done that in years."

I brought her off and she woke up and she said, "Did I say anything?"

I said, "It don't matter you enjoyed it if you thought I was him I am honoured my sexy lady." She kissed me sobbing and said, "That was so cruel of me."

I said, "No I thought it was an honor I can blind fold you and you can always think I am John." She cried more and we kissed and she went down on me and sucked me off and I said, "Oh mom you're so good," and I felt her teeth I said, "OK, I give," she continued and when I cum she kissed me and shared my cum, that was different.

She said, "You may as well get used to it its part of sex and besides that is for your comment. I didn't have soap so consider that semen soap."

We laughed and hugged and said, "Its five am want to get a shower take care of some of the chores. We got our shower and I played with her tits and as we were drying off I was looking out the back field and the morning light was there but the sun was not up yet may be five minutes before we see its rays, "What a view you have."

Melody said, "This is your room now," and I said, "No it's yours and Johns I will stay where I am." We dried off and we got in the kitchen and quietly put our 9mm on.

I stepped outside the door I heard a growl to my left I drew and fired. Not even getting my eyes focused on the coyote put another shot into him. There was more inside the chicken wire and two trying to get out, wham I heard from behind me bang and bang and bang I emptied half my clip dropping three more of them.

One was running for the field wham from the kitchen door Bridget shot it moving running top speed and she dropped it.

Everybody was up out in the yard armed I needed another clip. Cindy give me hers she had her 270 in her arms I dropped my clip and put hers in and moved to the coop door, standing to the side of it I reached in flicked the light switch out ran a coyote bang and bang two to its head.

I hear another growl still one in there I went threw a rock in and the coyote came charging out with a chicken in its mouth bang wham and it was down Britney let go with the cannon 306.

We checked everything out we lost about 15 of the fifty chickens. The rooster was in the barn so at least we can get more. I went out the garage and brought out the backhoe nice machine even had air and a CD player. I came out stereo blasting with the beach boy's song they were one of John's favorite bands.

That lightened the mood and I said, "Throw the coyotes in the bucket," they did and I took off down the road about a mile and dumped eight of them on the road. I was in an enclosed rig so I was like in a tank I was safe from even bears.

I drove home and parked the machine. We spent the day fixing the coop we took 20 chickens to another barn called the breeding barn there the rooster made little chicks in 21 days chicks were hatching. We ended up with over a hundred we raised them and then some we put down in the freezer and some were added to our egg pool.

The day of the chicken attack I said, "We have to do something." So I drew out a footing were the coyotes could not get under we needed it for more green houses and we put in an electric fence. Motion activated plus solar power lights flood LED's on motion detector this was all stuff John bought and figured to get at it over time.

Well the time had come, I was obsessed I worked day and into the evening until I couldn't see.

Making love to the girls went on hold and I said, "We can't lose our st

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