The girls challenge Matthew: can he - five times in a day? Sex Images

Fiona, Marvin and Trevor's love affair rush towards a climax.

You feel everything.

We are both kissing you. And it's a lot of sensation. He needs more wetness I say. So my roommate turns you around, sits in the chair and goes back down on you.

We don't want you to get dizzy, though. :-) After a few moments, she stops. She stands up and walks to me. You see what she's trying to do and you help as well. You want me to lie on the table. I hope I'm suave enough to get on this table without seeing.

There's a wonderful, soft linen on the table and it feels cool against my back.

I have no idea where you both are.

But I start to feel hands on me. And lips. But I'm not sure who is doing what. And that just drives me insane. I don't know who is touching me and who is licking me but I want more of everything.

Finally I hear a voice. My roommate asks you what your preference is. You say that you want to make me come. And I gasp and hope that you'll want to enter me. I aching for your cock. My pussy has been wet and throbbing all day at the thought that I might get to fuck you again.

You bend over and whisper in my ear. How do you want to cum?

I want you inside me. Get inside me. I need you.

You walk to the end of the table, a perfect height. :-) You grab my thighs and gently pull me to the edge of the table.

You spread my legs and tease my lips with your penis. It feels incredible to me. But I can't take it. I don't want to be teased. I want to be fucked.

Get inside me right now, I say, surprised at my own brazenness.

Whatever the lady wants, and you pound your cock into me. I'm so wet that you enter me with no hesitation. I scream.

You begin to thrust into me. In and out and I'm so happy. It's even better than I remembered. Your cock is glorious. It's perfect for me, filling up every inch inside of me. I clench my pussy around you trying to draw you in deeper into me.

The clenching makes you moan. What a grip she has.

My roommate reiterates your earlier sentiment. I wonder how good we can this sexy woman feel. And I smile because I know she's going to add to my pleasure.

You're thrusting into me. First she bends over and kisses me. I grab her head and pull her into me. I need to lick and suck something. Her tongue is available and our tongues are all over each other. Wet and wonderful.

She takes my arms and lifts them behind me and holds them down.

She begins to kiss my neck and takes her tongue and just makes a line down my throat, over my chest, and lands on one nipple.

She sucks on me. And flicks my nipple with her tongue. She briefly turns her head toward you and sees that you're watching intently.

So she sticks her tongue out a little further and plays with my nipple. She wants to give you a good show. She wants you to be even more turned on. If that's possible.

The sensations in my body are overwhelming. I won't hold out much longer.

She runs her tongue over my stomach and back up to my other nipple.

I want to move my hands and she feels that so she releases my arms. I immediately feel for her. I find her hip and go around to her ass. I grab her and she sucks on me harder.

The harder I grab her ass the harder she sucks.

What a fantastic feeling.

Your thrusting has quickened. Seeing this in front of you has made you want to fuck me harder and harder. And I love it. I can't get enough of you.

Her fingers find my hair and she caresses me as your pounding into me. It's just too much.

Then she takes her fingers and she starts to rub my clit as your fucking me.

I can't take it. She rubs and rubs and I can't it. I cum and squirt all over your cock.

You feel a huge gush of pussy juice all over you.

It's so slippery now but I clench onto you because I don't want to lose you.

I guess we know how good we can make her feel now. And you both have a little laugh. I'm still shaking and waves of please are shuddering through my body.

I need to rest for just a moment. I need to get my breathing back under control. But don't you dare pull out of me, I say. I want to cum again and I want you to cum inside me.

You're elated.