A woman's story of love in one hundred episodes, Part 25: "Rodeo". Sex Images

An evening at the RAF toilet block.

tion or two you'd like to make?"

When I started to respond, she snapped, "Silence! When I want you to speak, I'll tell you what to say!"

And all I could do was endure or leave. That she could understand me through the gag was quite apparent. It, along with the blindfold was more to heighten my sense of feel than to inhibit my sight or speech.

After several minutes, she stopped and stepped away. I could hear her move over to the wall where the whips hung. She got one down and I heard her high heels click to a stop behind me. My blood ran cold.

"I'm going to whip you now." She said this as calmly as if she were telling me she was going to call me on the phone in the morning.

I found I was gasping and holding myself tightly in anticipation of the lash. It wasn't long in coming.

The whip whispered through the air before landing with a loud smack on my upper back. I flinched and gasped.

Mrs. Sang said warningly and with a trace of amusement in her voice, "We haven't even gotten warmed up yet."

The whip sang through the air again and landed on my back. Again, I flinched and grunted but she did not say anything to this.

She whipped me for real then and whatever she was using did not break the skin but it did hurt like the devil. The tired clothing offered no protection from her cruel lash.

Mrs. Sang started out softly and gradually increased in both speed and intensity. She eventually whipped me harder than I have ever thought I could stand. The sound and feel of the whip were really quite overwhelming.

The lash found my back, my chest, arms, legs and taut stomach. I tried my best to refrain from moving or crying out but it was very difficult. Only my pride stopped me from begging her to stop. All sexual arousal was gone and only my pride and the pain remained.

It seemed like a long and painful eternity but was more likely just several minutes. I had finally reached my breaking point and could no longer contain myself. I began to flinch and cry out rather dramatically and without holding anything back. I begged through the gag and hung helplessly in my restraints,

"If only she'd give me time to recover!" I thought to myself, "I'd be able to handle this better!"

"You have not been given permission to make noises or movements." She said imperiously, "These things must be punished. You are going to learn discipline!"

The whip began to land harder and faster. I jerked and cried out even louder but to no avail. I did not indicate I wanted her to stop, merely that what she was doing was very painful and hard to deal with. The gag made my cries very hard to understand but I knew that she knew exactly what I was trying to say.

In point of fact, I thought my display rather fueled her desire to beat me harder. And she did just that. Soon my cries around the ball gag and my jerks against the unyielding restraints were added to by her harsh breathing.

Suddenly she stopped but I heard her gasp and moan quite erotically. The sound of her breath seemed to catch for a moment before resuming at a more sedate pace. I listened as she put the whip back on the wall.

Her high heels clipped as she walked up in front of me and she spoke softly into my ear, "I needed that. Oh...and don't worry, when I return, you'll be getting yours!"

She quickly lifted the undershirt up until it was over my head and tangled around my arms. I felt her undo the waistband of the worn cotton pants before she briskly yanked them down until they were in a pool around my ankles.

Her cool hand touched my vulnerable and now very flaccid dick directly without any clothing in the way, for the first time. She squeezed it again a few times. The thing had a mind of its own, sure enough and it came quickly back to life. It assumed an iron hardness and rose stiff upright against my belly.

She murmured approvingly and stood. Mrs. Sang rubbed her clothed body tightly against my nude and bound front. Her hands ran freely over my tender and well whipped flesh.

I groaned involuntarily and tried to rub back. She laughed and stepped behind me.

She removed the