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After the proposal.

The last thing I got to see was his ass walking away... that fine, fine ass. Suddenly, I'm distracted from my daydream by the ping of my phone. A text from Noah.

Just got off plane. Can't wait to see you. Be there soon ;)

His words make me tingle. I feel myself get a little wet, and then realize I have almost no time to finish getting ready. I brush through my chestnut brown hair, put on some red lipstick, and a matching baby doll; red satin with black lace trim and a matching thong. The dark color is a nice contrast to my pale skin, and my breasts look huge. I had a pretty nice body anyway, 34 B and a typical hourglass figure with long legs. I finish admiring myself and spray on some perfume. I look hot! Just then, I hear the front door unlocking. Perfect timing!

"Jess?" I hear his deep, sexy voice from the hall.

"In the bedroom." I can barely get the words out, my legs feel like gelatin. As he opens the door, I see him for the first time in almost seven months. I take in the sight of my man, and he looks good as ever. He's still as tall as I remember; his 6'1" frame always makes me look like a shrimp when we're together, and that thought makes me smile. Arizona has obviously been good to him, he's got a slight tan, and some natural highlights from the sun. His brown eyes are full of lust as they meet mine.

"You. Look. So. Hot." He enunciates every word, making me melt.

I thought when I saw him I would immediately rip his clothes off, but I'm so overcome with emotion that I start crying.

"Hey, what's wrong?" I feel his arms wrap around me. He's definitely been working out.

"I missed you so much, baby." When I look up at him, he's smiling down at me, and my tears go away as fast as they came. Our lips meet, and it's absolutely electrifying. I wrap my arms around his neck and jump on him. He holds me up with his hands on my ass, and I wrap my legs around his waist as our kiss deepens.

"I waited for this forever," He mumbles in between breathes. "I didn't think it would ever come."

"It did, and now you will." I giggle, breaking away from his lips, and trail kisses down to his jaw, and then his neck. He lets out a deep, animal-like groan when I reach his throat.

"You are the epitome of sexy," He throws me down on the bed and gets on top of me, lifting up my shirt until my breasts are visible. The air makes my nipples harden almost immediately.

"Lift." He points to my arms so he can pull my top off, and throws it into the darkness. Before I even have time to see where it went, he takes one of my nipples into his mouth. He knows how much I love this. His free hand is rubbing my other nipple and it makes me moan so loudly that I throw my head back. I feel like I'm in my own little world, until he stops his torture of my nipples. No!

When I open my eyes, he's rubbing my sides. "I've missed these curves." He kisses my navel, and each hip. I can't stop giggling like a schoolgirl, he knows this is so ticklish.

"I see an inequality in the distribution of clothing here..." I look up at him through my eyelashes.

"Using logic, are we?" He rips off his shirt that I head earlier unbuttoned, and throws it on the floor with mine while I start on his belt buckle. I reach down to undo his zipper and for the first time in what seems like forever, I feel his erection. Oh my God.

"Let's get these off." I reach for his waistband.

"No." Instead, he pulls off my thong and holds it up to his nose. "You smell so amazing." He discards my panties on the floor with the rest of our clothing and gets back in bed, naked. Opening my legs, he leans down and kisses the insides of my thighs.

"I want to taste you." He blows on me... there. He opens my lips and dips a finger deep inside me. It makes me moan so loudly.

"God you're so wet."

"Fuck me please!"

"Not yet." He gives me a devious smile and licks my clit, and I swear I almost blacked out. He's always loved going down on me, but this time he ate my pussy like it was going out of style.

"Oh God! Yes baby! Yes!" He always got that reaction from me when he stuck his tongue in

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