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A civilian engineer works with a Marine E-7 and sparks fly...

We were so close to being kicked out, but there was a teacher there who liked us and said that we shouldn't be expelled because we're proud of who we are." he told the story with a grin.

I laughed. "Oh man, if I did something like that, I'd be in detention forever and grounded for life." I commented. "And my mom is a total homophobe so she'd probably burn everything I've touched." I shrugged.

"Well it's not like your full-blown gay, Alex. If my dad knew that I am, he'd disown me and pretend he doesn't have a son." James said, smirking.

"If my mom even knew I was bi she still probably wouldn't touch me with a ten foot pole." I countered.

Demetri shook his head, making tsk-tsk noises. "So much hate these days... My parents know that I'm gay but they don't really care. My brother is afraid to be around me though."

We all laughed again. "What does he think you're gonna do, rape him in his sleep?" James asked while laughing, tapping the end of his pencil on the table.

Demetri shrugged amongst his laughter. "I don't know, maybe." he responded, glancing at the clock as our laughing died down. "What time does the bell go here?" he asked, looking back to me with those emerald eyes.

I hesitated, lost in his gaze for a moment. "Ten minutes." I replied after a brief pause, shaking away the effects. "Then we've got social next. Woohoo." I cheered unenthusiastically.

The bell had gone and we were out at our lockers. I was surprised but glad to find that Demetri had taken the empty locker - that had been abandoned since Tyrone Deiz had moved away - right beside mine.

I'd never been with a guy before. Not relationship wise, or sexually. I had realized I was bisexual only a month ago, and I'd been single since then. Before then, I'd never even thought of a relationship with another guy, much less sex. It had seemed weird to me, foreign. Until I stumbled upon some videos and came around to the idea.

"Hey, Alex, what are you doing after school?" Demetri asked me as he closed and locked his locker, supplies for social class in hand.

I felt my heart beat faster, so loud that I feared he'd be able to hear it. "Um, nothing really. Why?"

"We should hangout." he said with a smile. He then took my hand, writing a cell phone number in pen on it. "Text me."

I smiled back, feeling sparks at his touch. I pulled a pen out of my pencil case, taking his hand - and feeling a burst of warmth from the contact - and writing my cell number. "And you can text me back."

James glanced at my hand during social class. "What's that?" he asked, a slight hint of a smile on his lips.

I grinned. "Demetri's number." I replied with pride, shooting a glance at Demetri, who sat way on the other side of the classroom and was copying down the notes from the board that I had finished.

The smile turned into a full-out smirk. "Gettin' right down to business, hmm?" he ventured, raising his eyebrows. "I can only imagine what you plan on doing with him." he teased, clearly amused.

I rolled my eyes. "We're just hanging out. That's it. Nothing else." I insisted, tilting my head slightly to the side.

"Sure." James retorted sarcastically. "Somebody's gonna get some." he said in a sing-song voice, tilting his head so that it was at the same angle as mine.

It took me a second to get what he meant. When I did, I groaned. "Oh my God, James. You're a terrible person, you know? All we're doing is hanging out. As friends."

"Go into it friends, come out something more." he commented, turning back around to resume working.

Nothing very eventful happened until gym class, which I was totally excited for. The guys always worked out shirtless, and I couldn't say I wouldn't be happy to see a certain somebody.

In the locker room, I shot multiple glances over at Demetri. His shirt was off, displaying his toned six-pack abs wonderfully. I bit my lip to fight off a smile, trying to focus on what I was doing.

Once we got out into the gym, we started by running laps to warm u