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A businesswoman hires a lesbian escort for a weekend of sex.

She wants me to be one," her expression one that indicated she didn't agree with that dream but was trying to be open-minded, "if it all goes well I can stay all summer until school starts! And so long as I pay up in services this one is willing to let me stay at his place."

"Hey," he said, "gas, grass or ass, no one rides for free!"

"Oh," she responded brightly, "if I'd known about those other two options I'd be walking a lot smoother!"

"No, no, we'll just keep the arrangement as it is. I can buy the other two."

She grabbed his chin and turned his head, kissed him quickly.

"Don't be skimping on the tip," Chris said as Frank was pulling out his wallet and frowning as he read the check, they stood up and walked to the cashier.

"By the way," Mel asked Frank once they were standing next to his car, "about that Pinocchio's thing?"

He took a moment then recalled Saturday's phone conversation and his face dropped. He'd enjoyed lording that over Chris every chance he could.

"You heard that?" Her nod and grin convinced him.

"Shit. Ok."

"Don't worry. Shelly will be here Labor Day, she'll make you feel better."

"Last thing, about the Fourth," Chris said, "you're welcome to come over, mom and dad too. You know what to expect."

Mel nodded, having heard the planning for it yesterday.

"I might come, I'll let you know," Frank said then he looked at Mel, "I still don't believe it all."

"Just look at that picture," Mel said then lifted her head to give Frank a kiss on the cheek and Chris saw him redden, then he quickly got into his car and drove away, waving.

She slipped off her shirt as they got into their car and slid over to sit next him.

"I like this bench seat," she said as she rubbed his cock.

"Let's go up to the park and watch the lights come up in the haze," Chris said as he drove, "unless you need to get back to get ready for tomorrow? Maybe another fireball."

"Stuff is ready. I'll wear that new dress I bought."

The long summer twilight was painting the western sky itself fireball red as they pulled into the parking lot. She carried her shirt as they walked hand in hand, a few other couples or singles likewise enjoying cooling twilight, a couple of eyes doing double takes at what they saw. Or thought they saw.

They climbed a short way up the grass hill that was between the playing fields and the tennis courts and sat on the grass next to each other. Chris put his arm around Mel's shoulder and reached down to tweak a nipple poking through the lace. She rested her arm in his crotch and used the back of her hand to rub his hardening cock. Those sharing the park with them pretended to not see anything.

"Chi... ca... go..." Chris said absently as he drew out each syllable.

"What about it?"

"You said Shelly's going there," Mel signalled assent by rubbing his erection harder, "now I remember. Frank's thinking of applying to U of Chicago for grad school when he graduates in the spring. Apparently they have a good international relations grad program..."
"Shit," Mel said quietly, "I'm good for that girl. We'll make sure Labor Day works out..."

The couple sat in amiable silence as the sky darkened and the lights across the valley brightened.

  1. Bump, Set, Spike

Chris hopped on his bike after work on Tuesday at the lighting factory and needed to go through, or around, downtown to get home, their slightly time-skewed schedule set to avoid the worst of rush hour. But instead of going home he deviated and pulled into the parking lot near a four-story building amongst many other such low-rises on the edge of downtown. He suffered a slight out-of-body experience as he saw his own car, but a quick eye blink handled that and he found a nearby shaded spot under a scraggly tree to park the bike then walked across the street to a 7-11 to buy a cold coke. He used his car key to open it and roll down the windows so it would be just toasty and not blazing by the time Mel came out. Then he sat on the bike to wait.

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