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Man returns to his Native land to find himself.

Sophie was exhausted from the run back to the beach and the physical exertions to get her son into the sleeping bag so she drifted off to sleep still clutching Sam closely.


Sam was warm and cosy in the arms of his former girlfriend. Jenny with the lush body and soft, pillowy breasts. He was rubbing his erection against her deliciously, approaching climax. "Jenny, oh Jenny," he murmured as his seed pumped out. As is sometimes the case with wet dreams, he came awake just after climaxing in the warm afterglow of coitus: came awake and was confused by the constricting, stuffy, environment of the sleeping bag when suddenly it dawned on him that it was his mother holding him close then suddenly pushing him away as far as possible in the enclosed space..

Sophie, for her part, had slowly surfaced from the depths of her sleep, awoken, perhaps, by her son's rhythmic dry humping of her thigh. She froze for a few seconds until she realised what was happening then suddenly she heard Sam moaning the name 'Jenny' and felt something warm and sticky pumping onto her thigh. In the dim light inside the sleeping bag, she saw Sam's eyes open and hastily pushed him away from her body.

"Sam, what the hell are you doing?"

"Oh jeez, Mum, I'm sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry."

Sophie struggled to open the zip and they both rolled away from each other, equally embarrassed. Too late they realised they were both naked; Sam's eyes were drawn immediately to his mother's voluptuous body, her generous breasts heaving with each breath, her slightly rounded belly and her thick bush hiding the treasure within. He noticed the creamy deposit on her thigh, how it was oozing down her leg. She, too, found her gaze drawn to his slim, wiry body and the man-sized penis now growing anew as his lusting eyes looked her over.

Mentally shaking herself, Sophie tried to regain some control of the situation. "We'd better get dressed," she said, rummaging in her pack. "I have a spare pair of jeans you can wear, panties will have to do as underwear, and I have a spare shirt. You can have my jumper and I'll manage with the anorak. You're going to have cold feet in those wet boots. You can start dry anyway." She threw a roll of socks onto his pile then they both dressed quickly, both of them sneaking glimpses at each other as they did so.

"Do we make a hot drink, Mum?"

"No, let's press on back to the car. This weekend's gone pear-shaped: we'll buy you some new kit and do this trip again next weekend, but we'll take the easier path, get us back into shape. Maybe we're a bit rusty."

They quickly packed their gear and his wet clothes away, sharing the burden as much as possible, and set off back to the car. They walked mostly in silence as Sam set a brisk pace to try to keep them warm so there was little opportunity to talk easily but part of their path cut across a meadow and they could walk side by side on the easier terrain for about two miles.

"In a way, Sam, I'm glad you persuaded me to come, even though it ended in near disaster. Before you fell, I was enjoying myself for the first time since we lost your Dad."

"Yes, it felt good to get away. And you're right, maybe we do need to take easier paths for a while. Tell you what, we can get lots of practice in between, then in September, we can do Wainwright's coast to coast walk. We used to talk about it with Dad, now we can do it, do it for him."

"What a lovely idea, Sam. Yes, let's do just that. For your Dad."

With that happy thought they continued again in silence. As they walked, they were both almost on autopilot as their minds went over the accident. Sam remembered little of his ordeal, just a blur of the enervating cold and utter exhaustion and near oblivion. His mother relived the terror of her mad dash along the riverbank, her backpack swinging and almost unbalancing her and the roller coaster of emotions from despair to relief to concern and finally peace.

With Sam driving and the car heater going full blast, Sophie drifted off to sleep, still thinking abo