My ex gets a real life training in being a slave. Sex Images

One man makes time for another.

And since you like your new little friend so much, I expect it to stay exactly where I put it. Spread your legs apart. Wider."

With that, she squirted a large dab of lube onto the dildo, found the spot, and pushed the fake penis all the way inside of him-much deeper than it had been before. Ryan could feel the thing's balls resting against his own, and realized he now had about 7 inches of plastic lodged in his rectum. With a flick, Melissa switched on a knob he hadn't noticed in his earlier rush, and the silicone cock started to vibrate inside him. Ryan groaned out loud.

"See you later, lover. And I expect to find you right here, and it right there." She snagged the videotape and locked the door behind her.

Home was Melissa's first stop. She had an idea, but first wanted to see the video for herself. Her apartment was 3 blocks away from Ryan's, and she'd started to get aroused as soon as she saw her big hunk of a boyfriend with his legs apart and his cock rigid, working the dildo in and out of his own ass, and her clit was throbbing so hard now that it was distracting. The walk was exquisite torture, especially thinking about how she'd left him-and what she had in mind when she returned.

In her apartment, she loaded the tape into her VCR and settled on her couch with the remote. The first scene was raucous: a club scene with half-naked men with tattoos and nipple rings dancing, loud music, drinking. Some of the men were tongue kissing each other. In a corner, a man was on his knees in front of another man who had his hands in the lower man's hair and an ecstatic expression on his face, no doubt giving him head-right there in the middle of the party. The camera panned around and she could see a stage. This must be it, she thought, and wasn't disappointed.

An emcee with a microphone announced the start of the evening's festivities: the once-a-month virgin auction! "Well, gents and gents, we'll have 3 young ass virgins for your bidding pleasure a this evening, but first, we've got a really special show for you tonight. From sunny Miami, we've got the one and only Marcus Big!"

The room broke into applause as a burly dwarf clambered onto the stage, dancing to a salsa rhythm and taking off his clothes, each discarded garment met by rousing cheers. His hips swiveled, his shoulders swayed, and when he got to the belt of his slacks, the room fell quiet. As he pulled them off and pushed down his shorts, Melissa could see why. The miniature man had a cock like a baseball bat. Already partially erect from his gyrations, it was easily 10 inches long and as thick around as her wrist. He may as well have had an extra limb. She'd never seen anything like it, and wouldn't have even believed it was possible, except that he was so clearly naked, and there was no hiding that the huge thing was part of him. It hung to his ankles. Even more aroused, Melissa pulled up her skirt and slid a finger into her panties, stroking her slippery clit in circles, in rhythm to the music.

As Marcus danced and stroked himself in front of the crowd, the giant phallus jerked as blood pumped into it and became fully erect and even larger! The announcer's voice called out, "Okay folks, tonight's lucky numbers are 114, 56, and 83," and three men leaped onto the stage and began helping Marcus to caress his huge cock and large, dangling balls. Four men's hands and mouths touched and licked the huge thing for several minutes until he erupted, to great cheers. A moment later, Melissa came, gasping.

"Well, wasn't that great?!" noted the emcee. But now, it's the time you've all been waiting for: let's introduce our first virgin for tonight!"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Back on his mattress, Ryan was struggling.