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Somali werewolf meets Lebanese vampire woman in Ottawa.

I knew they'd enjoy watching me achieve the almost-guaranteed multiple orgasms the Sybian produced.

They placed it near the platform so my audience could stand above me as well as all around while I had my fun and they had theirs. There were no rules.

The dildo attachment and the clit stimulating base pad were already in place; all I had to do was throw a leg over and work the controls. I got on, still wearing my skirt and blouse, smeared and stained with cum, and with my crowd-pleasing, cum-dripping twins exposed by the open buttons.

Under the close inspection of the guys, I lubed the large size dildo attachment, pushed my skirt toward my waist and wriggled into position so the silicone dick was fully inside me. The insertion brought an involuntary gasp of pleasure as I felt my spaces opened and fully penetrated. I leaned forward to press my clit against the base pad. The hand-held control box allowed me to vary the speed of the action with two switches and two knobs.

"Here we go," I announced as I switched on both rotation and vibration, but at a one-quarter speed level. Even at low speed it was heavenly. The vibrating base stimulated my entire lower zone, front to back, while the rotating cock moved and vibrated inside, all designed to push every one of my female buttons.

As always, I was excited by the noisy crowd of men with their shouts, friendly insults, and lewd suggestions. As they cheered my arousal, I was consumed by sexual desires of the most outrageous kind. I was there to be slutty, to be overwhelmed as I entertained the men's deepest, cum-splashed fantasies. My willing and total commitment as the featured cunt was fully on display. That was the largest part of what made the event so much fun for me.

But the Sybian lifted me above concrete thoughts, into a different dimension, in orbit somewhere, far beyond normal consciousness. As the continuous orgasms began, I threw my head back, pushed my tits out and just gasped, whimpered, and moaned.
The men decided I was ready for more bukkake and they let loose.

Beating off while watching me go crazy on the Sybian connected our orgasms, the men coming stimulated by my exhibitionist example of female total orgasmic ecstasy. I was vaguely aware of the cum as it hit my face and body, but I didn't care. I deeply desired all their cum, plastered anywhere on me or in me, but none of that mattered. It was all about what the Sybian was doing.

I rocked back and forth, mouth open making demented noises. Without warning, I exploded, another perfect orgasm, then again, and again. I kept going, swaying, feeling the motion and vibrations, barely in touch with the crowd packed around me, wailing from uncounted climaxes.

The Sybian ride carried me away. All the men and what they were doing formed a background buzz, no more. My pussy was the center of a bubble of the most intense arousal, a bubble that completely enclosed me, trapped me in the continuous body convulsing joy. The world flashed by without any perception of details. It all just was. The orgasms continued.

After I don't know how long, I had to slow the Sybian, then stop. I could only take so much of heaven in one night. I was limp as a rag doll, helped off the machine by several men. They lay me down on the platform where the bukkake intensified. I was hardly there, still zoned out, twitching and whining from the Sybian ride and the fresh bukkake. I had one hand stretched beyond my head and the other in my crotch, still coming from my fingers stroking my swollen parts.

As I gradually rejoined the world, a joyous party was going on around me, with my passive involvement. My pussy was so overstimulated, but my mood was evolving. I looked around, newly aware of the many erections being fapped in my direction.

"Doesn't anybody want to fuck anymore?" I asked.

I didn't have to say it twice.

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