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Couple involves a third party and gets an alpha male.

First a mass of curly blond bush came in sight. Then, as I eased it over the cheeks of his ass and down to his thighs, a jumble of genitalia that had been for too long tightly confined poured out. There was so much of it. First his tumescent prick sprang up. It stood out from the bottom of his belly, pointing slightly upward, the knob at the end wonderfully swollen and redder that the dark pink shaft.

I love to look at a cock, but a man's balls in their silky bag are the most vulnerable part of him, and I couldn't resist reaching out to cup that soft handful. Usually in the warmth of the bedroom the scrotums I've been able to hold have been relaxed, dangling loosely between the men's thighs. But my slave had just come in from the cold, and his balls were held close up against his crotch inside a tightly shrunk bag that I could hold easily in one hand. It felt hard and firm, matching the firmness of the prick that reached out so aggressively toward my mouth.

I got reluctantly to my feet. "I need a shower," I said. "Better still, a bath. You can bathe me." My slave went into the bathroom to turn on the water.

My hands went down of their own accord to my pussy. My twat was on fire inside. I'd never thought just the sight of a prick could affect me this way. Possibly it was the subconscious knowledge that it was all mine for the day. I owned it. Or at least I was renting it. Renting a prick! What a great idea! One finger found my clit and rubbed it round and round. Another opened my salivating cunt lips and slid inside. Nothing like as good as a man's fingers, but they could come later.

All sorts of exciting ideas were beginning to flood back into my mind, and I leaned back against the wall frigging myself while I thought about the day to come.

I was still dreamily masturbating my twat with both hands when the bathroom door opened and my slave was beside me. "Your bath is ready, Mistress," he said, his expression unchanging as he saw me guiltily snatch my hands away from my crotch. I know I blushed clear down to my tits. I'll have a lot more to blush at before the day's out, I thought, and went into the bathroom and stepped into the bath.

"If Mistress would care to lie back and relax, I'll start with your beautiful feet," my slave said. He poured liquid soap into one hand, and lifted my two feet with the other, and began to soap my feet and massage them, moving steadily up my calves to my knees. Then he sat me up while he caressed my neck and massaged my shoulders and my back. It was sexily stimulating, but it was relaxing at the same time. I was so relaxed with my eyes closed, that when one hand slipped soapily under my breast and raised it and began to knead it I gasped with surprise and pleasure. And then two hands were reaching down over my shoulders to cup and squeeze and knead and caress and fondle both my breasts at once, slippery fingers rubbing my nipples and squeezing them and rolling them until I was gasping with delight at every new sensation that tightened my tits and coursed through my body into the depths of my vagina.

The ecstasy stopped at last, and he whispered that I should stand up. The soaping and caressing continued over my belly and down my back, hands clasping my ass cheeks and pulling them apart to open my crack, a finger probing to find the entrance to my anus and soap it thoroughly. As the hands moved nearer to my crotch and began to soap my muff, my whole vagina was spasming with the need for something to fill it. But the hands moved down to my knees, and for a moment I was afraid he wasn't going to give my twat the attention she craved.

But my slave moved gradually up again, firmly turning me to the front so that he could spread my legs apart and work his way up the soft insides of my thighs.