What he overhears leads him to act quickly. Sex Images

Jill, Ashley, and Christmas.

Her nipples swell and tingle.

Christina was trembling; not with fear of this man, but with an urgent need. Every nerve ending in her body was screaming for his touch. His hand moved inside the top of her gown and cupped her breast as if weighing its fullness. His thumb brushed over the hardened nipple protruding out from the tip of her breast. She moaned softly. Christina knew she should protest, but she didn't. Her husband was sleeping in the next room and could walk in at any moment, but she didn't care. Michael was fulfilling every fantasy she'd had in the last few years. She was begging with her eyes for him to take her.

Using both hands, Michael slowly pulled the nightgown up her body. She willingly raised her arms over her head and let him remove it. Lightning flashed through the window exposing her naked body to his gaze. He stared into her eyes and gently pushed a hand between her trembling thighs. His fingers slid across the moist silkiness of her panties. An audible gasp escaped her throat. She knew she should tell him to stop, but her eyes begged him to continue. She spread her thighs a bit to indicate he was welcome to proceed.

Michael hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her panties, and she lifted her hips to aid in his removal of her soaking wet panties. He slid his index finger into her saturated hole unfolding her exposed vagina. She voluntarily spread her thighs wide and tilted her hips forward to encourage him. He pushed a second finger inside her. Her mind was unable to form complete thoughts. She was only aware of the rhythm of his fingers stroking her, filling her, plunging into the depths of her yearning. The other hand squeezed the soft tissue of her breast and tortured her hot nipple.

His thumb found the tiny knob at the top of her opening. It was already swollen with excitement. She tried to contain the pleasure coursing through her body, but it was impossible. She squirmed against his hand. Her breathing became erratic. A series of spasms gripped her insides as she let out a loud squeal. Her body quivered from the instant release of her orgasm. She placed a hand over her mouth to stifle her moans. She did not want Greg rushing in and stopping this magnificent assault on her vagina.

His fingers continued to move inside her. She grabbed his arm for support. Another series of spasms sent her spinning into a storm of orgasmic bliss. Her legs trembled as she shuddered uncontrollably. The pleasure was too much. In the act of desperation, she squeezed her thighs together and pushed his hand away. He threw his arms around her and held onto her to keep her from darting entirely away.

Michael guided her into a prone position on the couch. She was still trembling and shaking with excitement. He quickly shrugged off his boxer shorts and tossed them across the room. He positioned himself directly between her thighs. She looked up and tried to make out his features in the glow of the fireplace. There were shadows across his face, and she couldn't make out his expressions.

A bolt of lightning illuminated the room and Michael had a loving smile on his face. Her eyes traveled down his body. Another flash revealed the outline of his firm cock bulging out from between of his muscular thighs. Her body trembled at the sight of his pulsating appendage paused to enter her waiting love tunnel. She slowly raised her hand and traced her fingertips along the length of his shaft.

Using both hands she tugged on his cock, guiding toward her yearning wetness. Another flash from the storm illuminated his erect organ dripping with pre-cum. She took her fingertip and smeared the pre-cum before licking her finger clean. His hard penis came to life at the sight of her sampling his pre-cum. A series of lightning strikes hit close enough to shake the house. She was amazed it didn't wake up Greg.

Christina urged Michael onto his back and then got on her hands and knees between his thighs.