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Master visits and does with me as he pleases.

And then she began to turn around and around on it slowly, sensuously.

She seductively turned her back to the audience, looking over her shoulder at them once again as she dropped to her knees on the sawdust strewn auction block with her legs spread wide. Pressing her forehead to the floor she reached her hands around to her bottom and briefly spread her ass cheeks wide to give the men a brief view of her sweet pussy and little rosebud asshole. She rose up again and turning back around with her arms across her chest she pursed her lips and blew a kiss, which gained her a few wolf whistles from the men.

"More, baby, more," one of the men hooted.

"Let us see some more of you," another called.

But Tiffiny only turned her back to them once again. This time as she swayed her bottom back and forth seductively she bent over at the waist and spreading her legs a little she poked her soft pink little ass out at them and wiggled it back and forth. Standing up again she teased them by putting one arm over the nipples on her breasts and her free hand over her pussy. She turned to face the audience and as they began to whistle she quickly turned her back to them again.

"I gotta have some of that," one of the men in front moaned, dropping to his knees in lust. Looking over her shoulder at him Tiffiny shook one finger at him and pursed her lips as if she was scolding him, which only made him moan even louder. He clutched his hair comically and swayed his head from side to side as if he was in agony. The other men chuckled.

Eva chuckled at how Tiffiny had taken control of the audience, but she also had to admit to her own chagrin that she was getting very wet watching the sexy scene in front of her. And, every time she heard one of the men growl something sexy she had to fight very hard not to let herself get too turned on.

How could her Sir make her endure this all trussed up like she was and unable to get release? Didn't he know what a hot horny slut he had made of her? And, what was worse was that she knew she should close her eyes so she would not be able to get turned on, but she was unable to turn away from the sexy sight. She was so very hot, and so very frustrated thinking about keeping that darn paper towel dry ... Grrrrr! What a sadist her Sir could be. She started to sob quietly as she was also compelled to watch.

As the man in front of Tiffiny began to moan and groan louder she covered her breasts and pussy once again and began to twirl around and around on the little wooden block. While she twirled she raised her hands behind her head lifting her long thick curls and displaying her titties.

Then she turned around swaying her hips to the musical sounds of her beads as she exhibited her sexy face and form for the men. Even though she was petite she was well proportioned with large pendant breasts and full hips that Eva knew any man would love to hold. Her bare pussy seemed to leap into view as she began a slow bump and grind action on the little stage. The crowd began to cheer.

"Gentlemen, who wants to have this exquisite creature for their very own tonight?" Sir Dave asked.

The men began to make wolf whistles and Eva grinned when she saw Sir Dan right in the middle whistling with them. She told herself gratefully that even stately and honorable Doms were wicked perverted little wolves underneath it all. And, laughing out loud she told herself that she did love a naughty pervert.

The next thing Eva knew Tiffiny had reached above her head and grabbed the manacles that hung overhead, and holding her weight with her hands she lifted her feet a little and let herself dangle there. She feigned a pout and a look of helplessness as she swung herself back and forth on the chain.

"Won't anyone buy a poor slave?" she entreated them with pouting lips. At that point the wolf whistles doubled and all the men started to laugh and hoot.

Soon Eva heard, "One hundred dollars," from the man in front who Tiffiny had been teasing.

"One hundred and