A young man discovers there is much more to his girlfriend. Sex Images

Debbie trees Black yet again.

..my dear, I'm going to have to gag you. Let's try again & do your best to be quiet. Understood?"

"No. Sir, please no more."

He laughed, "your begging me already? Just after one?" He laughed and smack!

"Ahh!" "I wasn't ready! Don't gag! Dont gag! Please don't gag! I'll do good!" His hand was still on my butt I reached down & placed my hand on top of his; "Please, no gag."

"Mmm...every sentence you say should start or end with 'Sir'...do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir." I said quickly. He removed his hand from my butt and placed it on top of mine.

"Is this your way of seducing or pleaing with me?" He slowly rubbed my hand.

"Please, I'll be good for you...Sir." He lifted up my hands away from my body, it was painful. "Ohhh please!" He places his hand on my butt and rubbed the right cheek.

"Lauren, are you ready?"

"Yes, Sir."

Smack! I let out a moan. He rubbed again and smack! Another moan was let out. He rubbed my whole butt slowly. "Oh, your ass is already red. Very good. Let me see how wet you are now." His hand slowly went down to my pussy and I jumped. "Stay still!" He shouted. I jumped again at the tone of his voice. "Mmm, you very naughty girl. We're going to have to work on that. My naughty girl is very wet." His finger went directly on my clit and started going in circles. My body shifted pushing against his finger. "Oh you like that?" His finger went faster. I gasped. "Answer me! Do you like that Lauren?"

"Yesss, Sirrrrr" I let out a loud moan & smack! "Ahhh!"

Something inside of me was unleashed and my body was moving with his finger. Smack! "Ohh! Yesss...Sirr...Ill do anythinggg!" My first orgasm that wasn't produced by myself was released.

"Umm...do 'anything' you say? I'm going to hold you to that and you better keep your word...or else." Smack!

"Please!" His arm went cross my back holding me down and his finger stopped and slowly moved down inside of me. I gasped and tried to move away from his finger but he's too strong. "Don't move! Oh, Lauren...you came a lot, that's a good girl." His finger went in slowly and deep.

"No!" I gasped. "Please, it hurts!" He then slowly came out and repeated. Slowly, in deep and slowly out.

"Oh it hurts? You don't even know yet, Lauren. My huge cock is a lot bigger then my finger and it's going to be painful going in your tight pussy the first time. Umm, and I can't wait to get to your ass." He kept going in deep and slowly pulling out while talking.

"No! No more! Please, Sir! And please don't take my ass!"

He laughed. "I didn't tell you to speak!" Smack!


"And I will take what I want and whenever I want it. Your body is now mine and no one else's! Oh...my sweet, innocent Lauren...your pussy is so tight. My finger needs to work on you until my big cock can fit in there." Smack!

"Ahh! Please, no more! Take it out, please...take it out!"

"Lauren, your being too loud. Does my cock need to shut up your mouth for awhile?" His finger in deep then slowly out.

"Uh...yeaaa-no. No..no Sir." Smack! "Ahhh!"

"I think so. We'll work on this later."

His finger slowly came out. "No! Just please leave me! I don't want no more! Just untie me and go!" He laughed and moved me off of him. He stood up and pulled me off the bed to my knees.

"I'll say when I'm done and I didn't tell you to speak!" He quickly tugged my ponytail down so my head is lifted and my eyes are set looking up at him. "Hmm, maybe I'll just leave you tied up all night."

"No! Please, I'll be good. I can be good for you. Sir, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I talked." I said looking up at him.

"Oh, you have such beautiful green eyes my dear...Hmm...should I be nice and give you a chance to prove yourself to me?"

"Yes, please Sir."

"Mmm...so innocent, so sweet, so beautiful." He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I gasped. It was fully erect. He quickly tugged my ponytail again. "You. Are. Mine!"

"Open your mouth, my innocent slave.