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Couple continued their adventure by turning up the kink.

"Professor, don't you find us attractive?" Victoria asked as she began unbuttoning her lilac satin blouse.

Veronica, not to be left out, quickly followed her sister and began unbuttoning her pink satin blouse. They were not extremely large breasted but they were not small either. They had more then a handful but not a lot more. They never got any complaints before and the professor wasn't about to make any now. They breasts were covered with very sheer bras. They didn't leave anything to the imagination.

"Girls, really you must not do this," Lucas protested. However, even to his own ears he didn't sound very sincere about wanting them to stop.

"Maybe we can just give you a sample of what you'd get if you agree to our deal," Veronica said seductively. "Do you have a secret fantasy about watching two women together? Most men do and we are willing to bet you aren't any different," Victoria said as she walked over to her sister. "Would you like to see us together?"

"Umm - I don't...." Lucas couldn't finish his statement because right there before his eyes Veronica slipped Victoria's blouse off her shoulder and her bra soon followed. He knew he shouldn't be watching this that he should turn and leave but something has him stuck to the floor. He couldn't turn his eyes away from the scene that was unfolding right before him. This was definitely most men's fantasy and having them be gorgeous identical twins was an added plus.

Slowly Veronica lifted Victoria's right breast to her mouth and ran her tongue slowly around the nipple teasing it as it began hardening for her. Slowly she took it into her mouth and began sucking on it. Victoria arched her back and placed her hands on Veronica's head. After a minute or so Veronica switched breasts repeating the same process on the left one. It was too much for Lucas to watch. He could feel his manhood responding to this sexual display and his slacks were beginning to feel too tight. He shifted his feet trying hard to find a more comfortable position.

Meanwhile, Veronica had began trailing her tongue downward passing her sister's belly button and stopping right at the waistline of her black miniskirt. She reached down and lifted the skirt upward exposing her sister's nicely trimmed love nest to their professor. She smiled at him knowingly and knelt between Victoria's legs. Victoria took the skirt hem from Veronica and held it up for her. Veronica began to part Victoria's legs and teasingly ran her finger through the little amount of pubic hair that was there. Victoria moaned softly in anticipation of what was next to cum. She opened her legs wider for Veronica. Veronica gently separated Victoria's love lips, leaned forward and gently ran her tongue over Victoria's hidden bud. Veronica licked Victoria's lips and clit as she slowly teased her and caused her clit to swell with passion. It was obvious to Lucas that the twins were used to playing together and that thought turned him on even more.

Victoria's lips parted as she sighed with pleasure. Veronica was paying great attention to licking her just right and with her other hand playing with her ass and the entrance to her love nest. The sensations were building up slowly and when Veronica took Victoria's sensitive clit into her mouth and began gently sucking it Victoria moaned much louder. Her hands flew to Veronica's head, pushing it deeper between her legs. Her tongue wetting her lips causing them to shine making Lucas want to just lean over and kiss them.

It wasn't much longer when Victoria was wet and hot and Veronica took this time to insert one then two of her fingers into her.