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Chinese woman proves to be a big headache

She was holding the gun in a two-hand grip. It did not seem to be shaking at all. But maybe a female would be just a little slow to pull the trigger maybe. He started to swing the barrel of the shotgun when a slug entered his forehead and blew his brains out the back of his head.

Cheryl Davis stood looking down at the weasel. If he had not already been dead she would have killed him herself. How could she have let that ugly little man do what he did to her? Well he would never do it to any one again ever.

The Bar was full this night everyone in the neighborhood wanted to know what happened this afternoon. The crime scene had been cleaned up and everything was as it always was out there in the parking lot. In the Woodcrest apartments Buck Cannon was telling his mother. He was going out.
He was going over to the bar and gets the story of the killings. He was half way out the door when his eighteen-year-old younger sister said she wanted to go along. Buck reminded her that she had to be twenty-one in this state to get in a bar. Debby said She looked old enough to get by. Buck said if she got tossed out she was on her own. Together brother and sister walked down the alley and through the parking lot. A car pulled in parking facing toward the building. The owner jumped out and quickly headed for the front door. Buck has seen a reflection off something just as the car turned toward the building. He went over and felt around till he came up with a little silver ring with a carved dragon on it with ruby for eyes. Buck thought it was kind a nice ring and dropped it in his picket. Buck and his sister were not checked and soon were getting all the dope on this afternoon's shootings.

They had three drinks when Debby said it was time to go home. Buck agreed, as he had to work tomorrow. He made double over time on Sunday. He needed the money, as he wanted to buy a new car. On the way up the alley Buck slipped his hand into his pocket. The little ring seemed to jump on his finger. He pulled his hand out and looked at it. The ruby eyes were glowing or maybe it was just a reflection of some kind. Buck reached out and put his arm around his sister. She snuggled into his powerful chest. Buck's hand came up under her arm with his hand coming to rest on a firm full round breast. He had never noticed how large his sister's tits were before but they seem to feel petty good in his hand. Maybe he was nuts or did Debby have her hand on his crotch. Hell yes she did and she was talking a grip on his ever-growing cock. It was dark where they were standing.

Buck stopped and kissed her. Debby kissed him back letting her tongue dance it's way into his mouth. Buck had one hand on her tit and the other around cupping her chubby firm ass. He only smiled as Debby opened his fly and pulled out his throbbing cock. Never in either of there young lives had they ever thought of the other as a sex symbol. But here they were thinking of having sex with one another. Buck said, " Debby suck my cock, will you?"

She dropped down in front of Buck and took over half his cock into her mouth. Damn that felt good he thought. Buck took hold of her hair and pulled her close driving his cock deep into her mouth as he shot off. Debby chocked and gagged all the while swallowing as much as she could. Debby stood and they kissed Buck tasting his sperm on her lips. Buck said, " Come on Debby let go home were I can give you a good old fucking in every orifice you have." She pulled him along as if in a hurry to get home. When they opened the back door they were sure mother had gone to bed already so they were quiet going down the hall toward Buck's bedroom. Once inside Buck told Debby she had done a great job of sucking him off. He said, " Deb, honey you're a great cocksucker. Now it my turn to lick your cunt." Debby told Buck she had never before sucked a cock but she liked it and would do it again.
Buck and Debby were naked on the bed with Buck's head up between Debby's chubby legs.

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