Joe, Lisa, and Aunt deb get nasty. Sex Images

A satanic occult student is caught between love and lust

He didn't add that he had watched his mom gulp down the monster that morning.

"It's gigantic, isn't it? Just the biggest shaft, so long and wide, and those balls! He has the heaviest balls of anyone I've ever been with. They just produce so much cum, he needs to be serviced so many times a day. And normally that servicing falls on me.

A loud sensual feminine cry came echoing from the kitchen.

Natalie laughed. "Well not always on me."

"Yeah, it's weird what's happening with my mom."

"What?" Natalie asked, "You mean that they're banging and filming her? That's not too weird."

"Yeah it is," Parker said.

"Your mom is a sexy woman," she explained, "Of course she's going to be desirable to some studly young men. Your dad's not in the picture, is her?"

Parker remembered his dad for the first time that afternoon, and he wondered where he had gone.

"No, my dad's still around, Meat just kicked him out this morning."

"Ha ha, that's so Meat. He's so weird some times. Like on one hand, we have this open relationship where I'm expected to suck off most of the team when I'm asked, and everyone on the team finds it hard to resist grabbing my chest when they pass me in the hall, and then of course he's free to bone any sexy creature he finds, like your mom I guess.

"But then he's also so jealous sometimes! He hates the thought of anyone taking me away from him. Like when we're at the mall and some guy stares at my breasts (trust me, when they're the size of mine, it happens pretty much always), he gets so angry. He'll grab the guy by the shoulder, spin him around, and yell 'What, you like my bitch's tits?' then he'll rip down whatever shirt I'm wearing and yank off my bra, my bare boobs jiggling everywhere, 'Yeah these fucking belong to me, and no shit brain like you will ever get to come anywhere near them.'"

"Wow, you're really okay with showing off your breasts like that?" Parker asked incredulously.

"It's just happened so many times, really. I can't count how many men Meat has shown my tits to. At first I was uneasy, but then I really grew to love it. The rush of cold air hitting my nipples, the thought that this strong black boy has complete control and this worthless gawker has to stare and stare at my chest, knowing full well that he won't ever get anywhere close to another pair as big and perky as mine... It's just so sexy! Every time it happens, Meat and I go home and he bones me so good, I just keep thinking of the loser who saw my breasts who's probably jacking off while Meat's just pounding my pussy away..."

Parker wasn't sure what to say.

"So what about you? Have a girlfriend?"

"No, I don't." Parker answered.

"You're not a virgin, are you?"

"Yeah. I haven't even kissed a girl!"

"Holy shit," Natalie said, "That's just so bizarre. I can't imagine my life without sex. I bet you jack off a lot, though."

"Yeah, I do."

"How many times in a day?"

"Like on average, or a record or--"

"Oo, what's your record?" she asked.

"Um, eight."

"Eight!" Natalie yelled, "Eight times in one day!"

Parker blushed.

"I'm sorry, but wow, you're one horny kid!"

Lilly poked her head through the door frame. Since once her shoulders were out, it was unclear to Natalie and Parker if she was wearing a shirt.

"Dinner will be ready in half an hour," she announced, before ducking back into the kitchen.

"Was your mom topless?" Natalie asked.

"I don't know," Parker answered.

"Knowing Meat, probably," she guessed, "He really loves a nice set of tits, especially one like your mom's."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Your mom," Natalie answered, "She has a nice rack."

"I don't know; I really don't think too much about my mom's rack."

"Well, she's your mom after all. That might be a little wrong. But trust me, any red blooded male other than you probably would cut off a leg to a get a squeeze of them. They're so round!"

Parker blushed again. Natalie scooted over to him.

"You've really never even kissed a girl?"


"That's kind of sweet.