Tom pushes Sylvia's boundaries on date night. Sex Images

Celebrating 3000.

How could one not? Carth's body was hard everywhere she was soft, flat belly, muscular thighs, strong arms...and was that his cock, pressed against her thigh? But in the next second she had squirmed away from him again, fighting furiously. How far was he going to take this, she wondered?

And would she mind, were he to go as far as he had intimated?

Carth's only advantage was that he was stronger than her, and that she really didn't want to hurt him. Once he got her wrists in his hands, he thought it would be all over, but she still fought, causing him to hold her wrists much tighter than he had wanted to. But eventually, the fight went his way, and suddenly she was across his lap, face down into the bed, and he had her wrists held tight behind her.

"Let me go, Carth!" she said, trying to kick him. But try as she might she could not break free.

He didn't answer right away, just ensured he had a good solid grip on her wrists. He had never noticed that she was actually a rather small girl. She wore loose clothes and had a personality that was larger than life, but his hands were large enough that he could grip both of her wrists in one hand.

She continued struggling, but he leaned heavily on her, and spoke. "You stop that right now."

"Oh, yes, you say it and I obey, O Master. Don't you know me better than that?"

"Oh, you'll listen." And with that he dropped his free hand heavily onto her bottom. She gasped, feeling it press against her lightly. Immediately all her movement stopped.

"I told you not to push me."

"Carth? Carth, you're kidding. I was just joking. Look, I'm sorry, really. Please?"

He hesitated for one second. If he hadn't judged her right...but then he had seen the look on her face when he had mentioned taking her over his knee. "Hmmph," he said, and raised the hand and brought it down on her ass.


She jumped. All was silent. Carth could feel her taking it in.

God, that had felt surprisingly good, she thought. It had stung - he hadn't been gentle - but at the same time, it was incredibly erotic, being pinned down like this across his lap. She could feel his heavy cock leaning against her hip, and knew it was affecting him, too.

This wasn't how you started a new relationship, though, was it? But then again, she had quite never followed the rules before, why start now? Still, that was no reason to let him know. At least not yet.

"Carth..." her voice was dangerous now, and unsurprisingly, very sexy.

"Yes?" He waited for her to start to answer, and, just as she did, raised his hand and brought it down on her ass again.

WHACK! This one really stung.

Suddenly she started fighting him, really fighting, and wriggling to get out of his grasp. Even at this moment she was being careful not to really hit him, so he played along, pinning her down, and getting a good firm grip on her, before bringing his hand down on her ass one, two, three more times. He wasn't gentle, some of the frustration from before had come back, and besides, it felt so *good*.

It felt so good in fact, that he didn't stop at three, and continued spanking her...yes, that's what he was doing, spanking a grown woman, spanking the woman who had been Revan, who had been the Commander of an army, who had been the dirge of so many stories. And what was more was, he thought by her movements she was beginning to like it. She still fought him, but her struggles had lessened, and had that been a tiny little moan he heard?

Finally he stopped, resting his hand on her bottom. Both of them were panting. Callista lay limply across his lap, though he did not let up the hold on her wrists. Her ass was stinging but and warm, and she felt moistness between her legs.

"I am going to kill you, Carth Onasi."

"Oh, yes?"

"Oh, yes. I think my ass must be all red and sore. I'm way too old for this."

"I disagree. You're quite young yet. As for the other, shall we check?"

Silence. Then, "What?" He wouldn't, really, would he?