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A daring rescue, a night of passion, a special visitor.

An electrical current ran through her as if her body was being ripped open and she needed to relieve the strain.

...He appeared in a flash of her memory it was fleeting but enough.

Her hand shot out and grabbed her shower head ripping it free of its mount. In one motion she shifted the setting to pulse with her free hand massaging her breast like a wild animal. "Fuck" she breathed out as soon as the pulsing water ran over her thighs and bounced off her engorged clit. Her legs spread on their own, her back hit the cold shower tiles and the head was hammering away into her drowning pussy. She rubbed her breast furiously, squeezing, massaging, and pinching the nipple. She had thrown away her anger in a reckless abandon as her need overthrew the dominance of her will.

The climax grew rapidly inside her body as the welling inside reached its maximum volume she shoved her hand into her mouth to stifle the scream of sweet release. At long last, she had come. Her entire body quaked with ecstasy and her knees buckled under her weight. She fell on her ass and the shower head slipped free of her hand and planted itself between her thighs blasting her still spasming womanhood causing her more moans of delight. After several minutes of heavy breathing and trying to recover from what had to be the best orgasm she ever had; her body slowly got up and turned off the water. Mary got out and fixed the head back in place before grabbing her towel. The cotton towel caressed her body, slowly intimately as if it was alive but she just wrapped it over herself and left to go get ready.

Jordan stood silently in the corner of the bathroom smiling at the show he had just seen. He had little to do with any of this. He refused to use his more aggressive powers on people because he wanted them to want him. His wings shot out and he took off back to his new place smiling, he found himself turned on. His solid cock had sprung to life as soon as he saw what she had dreamt of and he thought only of how to get her to feel what he could offer so beautifully.

He flew up the road and gave her 30 minutes to come out as he jogged by and flashed her another smile.

"Hey wait." She called swiftly chasing him. Jordan stopped and turned to face her still smiling at her. Damn that smile could melt the ice caps and his eyes looked bluer than the sky. Mary turned away blushing and pulled out his wristband from her jeans. "You dropped this yesterday and I saw you looking for it but you were gone before I could come out here." She said as the slow heat of blood rushing into her face took over.

"Oh thank you so much." He said slowly reaching out for the item but his intentions were elsewhere. He noticed her top was lighter than her files usual fair, he smiled. His finger slid over her hand, pulling away after taking his wristband. Immediately he saw her body react to his touch and did it ever react.

Mary felt her womanhood quiver at his touch as if he was directly influencing her and she turned away trying to hide her ever reddening face. "My name is Mary." She stated as flatly as her blood swollen cheeks would allow.

"Hello Mary. I'm Jordan I just moved in up the road." He said fastening his recovered wristband to his arm. Mary spun around and looked at him again hoping the color had receded from her face. She looked him over a couple times noticing his loose clothes did nothing to hide his toned body. Her hand moved on its own and stood out waiting for him to shake it. She felt so awkward but the moment was broken by Jordan grasping her hand, giving it a firm shake. Again at his touch her body called out and her knees started to wobble. What was it about this man that sent her over the edge like a tightrope and both sides she fell too would be pleasurable?

"Well anyway glad I could help out I have to get to work." She said now fumbling over her words and seeking her keys. She found them and dropped them at his feet. She went to bend over and saw the slight bulge in his shorts. Stepping away from it her skin went crimson.


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