Three people provide relief for a stuffy party.

He tasted so sweet. She felt his hand move over her thigh, resting just about her knee, his fingers moving under her skirt. She felt his lips open and edged her tongue out, into his mouth. She caressed his tongue with hers, moving closer to him, her hands moving over his legs, hips, and shoulders.

They kissed each other hungrily, their tongues clashing in their mouths, her hands pulling him to her. For a brief moment they parted. The need in her eyes, reflected in his. She wanted him to take her, make her his.

She moved off the bench and knelt at his feet. Looking up at him, she moved her hands over his knees, pushing them apart to allow her to get closer. Her fingers dug into his muscular thighs as she worked her way up to the ever growing bulge in his pants. Her hands on his hips, her thumbs caressing his shaft through his pants, she rose up on her knees and captured his lips again, passionately, feverishly. He pulled her to him, a sense of urgency taking over them. She bit his lower lip, pulling away from him, taking his lip with her, one hand grabbing hold of his hard cock, squeezing.

"Oh God," he whispered. She leant forward, her teeth latching onto his earlobe. "I want you so bad. I want you to fuck me hard."

His eyes widened, but he didn't miss a beat, lifting her back onto the seat. He pushed her back onto the bench, maneuvering her legs on either side. His hands again moved over her thighs, this time they didn't stop at her skirt. She felt his fingers tap on her clothed pussy. A rush of electricity ran through her body, and she arched her back. He linked his fingers into her g-string and slowly pulled them down her legs, discarding them on a nearby bush. The fresh night air hit her wet pussy and she shivered. He leaned over her, his body heat radiating over hers. He brushed his lips over hers as his fingers caressed her slit. She drew in a sharp breath, spreading her legs wider for him. He lowered his head to her clothed breast, his lips sucking a nipple into his mouth. As she pushed her chest up to him, he plunged a finger into her soaking pussy.

She groaned and closed her eyes, enjoying the sensations coursing through her body. Michael moaned against her breast and drove a second finger deeper into her pussy. She ground her hips down on him, making the palm of his hand press against her throbbing clit. Her hands moved to his belt and quickly dispensed with it. Her fingers expertly undid his trousers and dove inside. He moaned loudly and bit her breast as she grasped hold of his cock. She squeezed him tightly, moving her hand up and down his shaft.

A sound in the distance made her open her eyes. Gary stood next to one of the hedges. His clothes laid neatly at his feet, his cock in his hand, his eyes fixed on the scene before him. She smiled at him, pushing Michael's pants down lower, to show his hard cock in her hand. Gary smiled. His grip tightened on his own shaft. She watched him, moving her hand in time with his, spreading her legs wider as Michael left one breast and moved to the other, his fingers deep inside her. Panting with the effort and excitement, she ran a hand through Michael's hair, pulling his face up to hers. "I want to feel your tongue on my clit. I want to cum."

Without hesitation he moved down between her legs, his fingers still inside her, filling her up. She jumped as his wet tongue flickered across her clit. "Oh yes," she breathed.

He began pumping his fingers in and out of her pussy, as his tongue played with her clit. She arched her back, forcing his fingers deeper into her. With her eyes closed, she didn't notice Gary move over to them. She felt his familiar cock against her lips and eagerly opened her mouth to accommodate him. He pushed his cock into her mouth, moaning as the warmth engulfed him. She opened her eyes to watch him as she fed more of his shaft into her throat. Her tongue ran the length of him as she sucked him hard, on hand grabbing his balls, feeling them swell.

Michael raised his head for a moment and watched as Gary's cock disappeare

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