Nikki gets naked revenge on Tian.

I walked right by Tian and made my way to the ladies room. The coffee and being almost naked in 20 degree weather for that five minutes made the restroom a necessity. I was just leaving the stall when the door opened and Tian walked inside. I went to the sink as she stepped into the stall.

"A little cold out there pumping that gas bottomless wasn't it?" She said with that annoying giggle

"Yes it was but it was a turn on too." I said as I thought about having some fun with Tian.

Tian came out of the stall and moved to the sink. I moved behind her and as she washed her hands I put my arms around her and moved my hands to her boobs, caressing them through her long t-shirt. She began to squirm a little and let out a soft moan. I knew I had her. I slid my hands down her body and then back up lifting the t-shirt little by little. She was getting excited as I exposed more and more of her. She was now naked to just below her perky 32c tits. I leaned in kissing the nape of her neck before raising the t-shirt up exposing her boobs. When I went to lift the shirt off completely Tian put up a small fuss but soon I had her

t-shirt in my hands. I kissed her neck a few more times and gave her boobs another squeeze.

"We better get going." Tian said in a soft voice.

"Your right plenty of time for fun later." I said as I went for the door.

"Nikki, I need my t-shirt." Tian said now getting a little nervous.

"No you don't well finish the trip naked." I said laughing as I pulled my crop top off.

I was out the door and wondered if Tian would follow. I had both my top and Tian's long t-shirt in my hand when I walked out of the ladies room and into the little mini mart.

"Fuck!" that was all the clerk said when he saw me.

Nikki! Bring me back my t-shirt, I'm naked." Tian yelled out the door.

"No, we are going naked the rest of the way. Come out or I'll drive off." I yelled back in to her.

Now I wouldn't really drive off but I would move the car out of sight. I didn't get a chance to do that because the very naked Tian came out one arm across her boobs and a hand over her pussy. She is just stunning but is very shy about showing her body especially her pussy. She will go topless but anything beyond that makes her nervous. Tian rushed to the door leading outside and stopped realizing she would have to stand naked and barefoot in the very cold air until I opened the car. Yes I could hit the button and unlock it from inside, but what fun would that be for anyone. I reached Tian and out we walked our nipples responding to the brisk air. I unlocked the car and Tian jumped in as I took our little bit of clothing and put it all in the trunk. Now we would drive the next 30 minutes or so with us completely naked. We had the heat cranked up and had an uneventful ride the rest of the trip.

We saw more snow as we got closer to the chalet, which was making Tian nervous.

"There's fucking snow everywhere and we're naked." Tian snipped.

"We have clothes in the trunk, don't worry sweetie."

"We don't have any warm clothes, just summer stuff that barley covers anything."

"It will be fine, don't worry."

There was the driveway leading to the chalet, it had been cleared of all snow, thank goodness.

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