Sayali, a beautiful but undisciplined Indian 18-year-old.

She used everything from a strap to switches that were fresh cut from the bushes that grew in the garden at the rear of the house. Her favorite weapon was her husband's heavy belt and she spent hours decorating the tawny flesh of her wayward daughter with this symbol of male authority.

Kanan had searched far and wide in the city for a shop that could provide her with a more suitable implement for chastising this immoral girl. An acquaintance who was into the more bizarre side of life in this city directed her to a specialty shop that for a very high price, provided her with a cane suitable for her purposes. What made this implement even more unique was that it could be deliberately weighted to inflict even worse punishment to the deserving miscreant.

At their initial punishment session Kanan offered the girl a way to reduce the terrible beatings that she would be getting from her. Naturally this offer was not made until Kanan had given her unprotected buttocks a dozen of the best, using the weighted version of the cane. Twice during the beating Harsha had collapsed in tears from the terrible pain created in her soft cheeks as the leather wrapped cane ripped into them.

In exchange for licking Kanan's deliberately unwashed pubic mound for half the time normally devoted to her punishment, she would receive only half the number of strokes, and if she also chose to use her talented tongue to delve into Kanan's back passageway, her punishment would be reduced to a mere three strokes of the cane, weighted of course. Harsha had become quite adept at pleasuring both of Kanan's entrances, and these days her bottom, with one major exception, was the better for her diligence.

I made some tea and sat by the window that looked out to the area where Sayali was kept. Gradually I picked up the muffled sounds of the whipping that the two women were delivering to Harsha. Curiosity got the better of me and so I wandered down the hall with my tea in hand to get a view of what was going on in that little room. She was on her back, ankles and wrists tightly bound to the corners of the bed. A pillow, or perhaps two, had been shoved beneath her body to elevate her plump pubic mound, making it easier to whip.

They stood on either side of her, Kanan wielding my flogger while Neleema was content to use the paddle. As I watched and sipped my tea, the paddle fell machine-like, flattening the fat breasts of the girl with each blow. I noticed that her mouth was stuffed with something that made the sounds issuing from her barely audible. Kanan was concentrating her fury on Harsha's rounded belly and that sensitive region below. The flogger made a cracking noise when it struck, and it left behind a region of swollen flesh. I thought it strange that they would merely beat this helpless nineteen-year old and not ask her to recant what she said about Sayali. This was not to my liking at all. Would Sayali suffer the same fate? I was a bit taken aback at my reaction, my concern for the girl in the pit. I would someday probably rue the day I ever met this bundle of erotic curves and hollows, but that day was not now.

The sight of Harsha's abundant pubic hair, damp and matted, as the flogger mercilessly pounded away at the thick cunt lips beneath it made me have an erotic fantasy that was almost uncontrollable. It was Kanan lying before me, her pubes totally hidden by a mass of thick springy pubic hair that grew like some jungle between her legs sending tendrils up to her navel and down to ring her anus and even plant a few strands even further up between her buttocks. My thick, hard cock was slicing its way through that jungle and ramming deep into her hot, wet grotto as she grunted and urged me to go deeper and harder. Standing beside us was Neleema with a thick length of leather covered wood that she was applying to Kanan's swollen breasts which were huge and sprayed sweat with each blow that they absorbed.

This vision threatened to overwhelm me, and so I took my leave as the two

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