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College student catches teacher after school's out.

Oh yes have her screaming his name as he gives her a good pounding...

"Are you alright?" Dave was a bit startled to find he had been daydreaming and hadn't realised Miss Cross was now beside his desk. He sat upright, praying she wouldn't notice the bulge in his crotch. He could hardly bring himself to look up at those deep blue eyes without imagining what they would look like staring up at him with his cock disappearing into her sweet mouth!

Just then the bell rang, and Dave, startled, dropped his pencil on the floor. Before he could get to it Miss Cross bent over to pick it up. My what a view, as that flowing skirt fell around the outline of her ass he could just imagine that view without the skirt. She turned round and handed him the pencil, his hand brushing hers. She looked down and he realised she knew about his raging hard on.

Quickly he gathered his things and hurried out of the room. He just got to the gate when he realised he had left his textbook in the classroom. He needed it for next day, after all he certainly didn't want to get in Miss Cross's bad books. As he returned to the school, he knew it was empty. He could hear the cleaners in the distance. As he reached the classroom door he heard that someone was still inside. The door was ajar slightly, just enough to peek in and see Miss Cross at her desk. She was writing something, as she paused she placed the tip of her pen in her mouth, playing with it, a slight flash of wet pink tongue now and then. Dave swallowed hard. He imagined it being his cock that mouth was playing with. He was so tempted just to go in and grab her, but for now he would just watch. She smiled to herself as her fingers played with the top buttons of her blouse. She undid 3 of them as she sat back in her seat. As far as she knew no one was around, so why not?

She moved the chair back a little and to Dave's surprise started to pull up her skirt. She opened her legs slightly and placed her hand over what he now could see were ivory lace panties. She undid more buttons until her blouse was open wide and one hand played with her right nipple through the satin. Dave could see the outline of her nipple as it stiffened to her touch. She lifted her right foot and placed it up on the desk, legs now open wide, revealing a nice damp patch on her panties as she rubbed them against her wet pussy. Another question was now answered, yes she did wear stockings natural coloured ones with beige lace tops. Dave found his mouth was very dry, he wanted to cough, but he didn't dare. Didn't want to spoil this moment.

He strained to get as much in view as he could as Miss Cross slipped her finger underneath the panties. He could see the movement underneath, imagining how wet her cunt would feel, and contemplating how many fingers were rubbing and how many were inside. He looked down and realised he had undone his flies and was holding his now stiff and throbbing cock in his hand, rubbing it nice and slow in time with teacher's moans and finger thrusts. He had to stop himself from moaning too as he felt his balls twitch ready to burst.

He looked again through the crack on the door. Miss Cross now had her knickers off! How did he miss that? He looked closely and saw that she had a nice smooth pussy. Mmmmmmmm he did like that. She was using 2 fingers to open up the lips of her moist cunt, and he could see that glistening clit standing proud between them, as Miss Cross sucked on her finger before plunging two of them into that wet hole as her thumb found her clit.

Her movements were getting more frantic, she was fucking herself so hard with her fingers that Dave could hear the wet slurping sounds from where he was standing.

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