Georgia get hypnotised and fucked in public.

Firstly a dog collar, with a leash hanging down my front, was put on me, secondly a ball-gag was put in my mouth then finally my wrists were cuffed behind me.

Diego came and inspected all 5 of us then Daniella, me, the 3 loincloths and Diego left the club to walk down to the harbour. We got a few amused looks as we went and, apart from the dress, I felt good.

Down at the harbour, we first went to the little square where lots of people congregated. In the middle of the square a loincloth came up to Daniella and myself and literally ripped the dresses off us leaving us naked apart from the shoes and accessories.

"Things are getting better." I thought and a loincloth grabbed my lease and started leading me around all the people.

Of course, everyone wanted to look and touch the 2 mobile billboards and I felt good.

I heard someone say,

"Well that beats those stupid pizza boxes that stand on street corners looking bored out of their tiny little minds."

After the square, the loincloths led us into quite a few of the bars. Hundreds of people were getting to see Daniella and me naked.

As the night moved on the touching changed to groping and fingering.

Because of the handcuffs and the ball-gags Daniella and I could do nothing about the hands; not that we wanted to that is. The other thing that started was my orgasms. My super-sensitive, O-Shot enhanced pussy started to respond to the groping and one of the loincloth commented on the number of times that we all had to stop because I couldn't walk whilst I was cumming.

We seemed to go round in a big circle because we eventually ended up back in that little square. By that time the place was heaving and the groping moved on to the next stage - bending us over and fucking us; right in the middle of the crowd. Other hands were mauling our tits at the same time.

To start off with it was just the loincloths that fucked us but when they'd done with us they invited others to fuck us. At least Daniella didn't have to stop because I couldn't walk and I was fucked even when I was cumming.

The fucking seemed to go on for hours and the men's cum and my juices were running down the insides of my legs. There was just too much of it for the warm night air to dry it as it came out of me.

Finally, I heard Diego telling the loincloths that enough was enough and the loincloths pulled on our leashes to lead us away from the sex-hungry crowd.

Daniella and I were led all the way back to the club, still totally naked, ball-gag and cuffs still in place.

I saw one police car drive passed us but it didn't stop causing me to wonder how often that sort of thing happened and what I could do to have some fun.

Back at the Club Diego led us through the customers that were still there and removed everything but the paint from us then told us to go and shower.

As Diego was removing them from me he said,

"You did well little Lolita; most girls panic and try to run away when the fucking starts."

"So how many different men fucked me?"

"I'm not sure, but more than your age."

"Wow," I thought, "I've set a new record; pity he can't put an exact number on it."

Daniella and I shared the shower to help each other get all the paint off then. I asked her how many times she done that job and she proudly said,

"Seven times now."

"I've got a long way to go to catch up with you then." I replied.

She smiled then replied,

"They get better each time; Diego seems to let the fucking go on for longer each time."

"Maybe he likes watching us get fucked."


I remembered to take my shopping back to the boat but I didn't open any of it.

As soon as I got to the boat I got the hosepipe out and filled my pussy about half a dozen times. All that man cum inside it was still seeping out in the taxi on the way back.

Then I went to bed.

The next morning I woke up around 10 am. The first thing that I did was to check my pussy to see if I was sore or anything else. I was pleased with what I found so the fingers on my right hand got busy.

After that it was a

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