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Clare gets to live out her fantasy with Robert and James.

I felt slightly invaded by this brash move but ignored it and hoped that the sensation would go away as I relaxed and became more turned on.

James continued to kiss me, and I started to undo the buttons on his shirt. At the same time Robert had taken each of my breasts into his hands and was massaging my already erect nipples. He lifted me off the sofa slightly and then slid the dress from under me and down my stockinged legs. He had now revealed my lace string and hold ups and I realised that either I had to expect to be naked in front of him very soon, or I had to say something immediately. I decided to let him have his way and try to enjoy the very odd sensation of letting a guy I had just met undress me.

Robert changed his focus from breasts to feet, sliding my hold-ups down my legs and taking one of my feet into his mouth, his tongue circling my toes in turn. James took up the baton with my breast, gently cupping it, lightly circling my nipple. I leant back and luxuriated in the sensual overload of simultaneous arousal of mouth, breasts and toes. The guys were still not done however, James started to play with my ear with his free hand, Robert finally lifted my ass very slightly off the sofa and slid the lace string down my legs. He undressed himself quickly then pushed my legs apart and settled down in front of me.

I suddenly felt very exposed with a guy I had only just met, kneeling naked between my legs, the lips of my pussy wide open for his inspection. There were only a few guys in the world that had ever seen my pussy so exposed, and yet he was already sitting looking at it with complete access, only a couple of hours after our meeting.

I looked down at him and was shocked to see the size of his cock, it wasn't even fully erect and it was already seven inches. I wondered how much bigger it could get, and whether I could really get something that big inside me.

Somehow the fact that we were all naked by now made me feel much more secure and happy, and in fact I suspected the guys were probably more ill at ease. I wondered how James felt about the fact that Roberts's cock was so much bigger.

James had also shed his clothes by now and was still sitting next to me, kissing my lips, playing with my breasts.

Robert started kissing the insides of my thighs, and then licking them with long strokes of his tongue, my clit was, by now, screaming out for some attention. I was relieved when his mouth finally moved up and that long tongue started licking my clit instead. I sighed in ecstasy, enjoying every feeling as the two of them saturated my senses.

James knelt on the sofa in front of me, pushing me back and inviting me to suck on his cock, which I was delighted to do, taking it into my mouth, licking off the pre-cum and tasting it greedily. Meanwhile Robert knelt on the floor and, pulling my hips to the edge of the sofa, gently inserted his dick in my now soaked pussy. It felt huge and I could feel it stretching me all the way in, and then gently pushing up against my cervix. He was massaging my clit at the same time and I came almost immediately. James still had his cock deep in my mouth, with my tongue circling his glands, so I could only bleat quietly as the huge orgasm rocked through my body.

The guys decided between themselves, as if at a prearranged signal, to change positions. Robert kneeled on the sofa, in front of me, his cock still dripping with my juices. I licked them off; enjoying the taste of my pussy intermingled with his pre-cum, he watched intently, as if he was judging what else I might do for him.

James meanwhile was kneeling between by legs, sucking my clit.

Once again I just relaxed back into the sofa and enjoyed the physical sensation of two guys pleasuring my mouth, breasts clit and toes.

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