Mistress introduces him to breath paly.

She soon joined him, She cuffed his hands to the top of the bed and putting the spreader bars on his ankles spread feet out. She lifted his head and placed the choke collar in place, turned on some quiet music and blindfolded him. She took some pads and placed them on his nipples and hooked the TENS up to them. Setting the TENS low to start She took Her favorite vibe and started working Her clit as he watched and yearned to be the one to pleasure Her. Every so often She would bump up the TENS a notch and go back to pleasuring Herself as he squirmed and as the voltage increased he started to moan. She placed a hand over his mouth and pressed to silence him. When She was close She straddled his face and bumping the TENS up again finished Herself off Her juice flowing into his mouth, he swallowed making sure he didn't miss a drop.

He was still moaning from the feeling of the TENS and the taste of his Mistress so She again placed Her hand over his mouth as She pulled the collar tight. She knew he was growing in the cage, She slacked the tension for a moment and then pulled it tight again, the movement of his hips giving him away.

Chuckling She set the vibe on low and placed it under his balls, his deep breath told Her of the effect She was having on him. She pushed her hand down again on his mouth and then pinched off his nose stopping all of his air. She loved the way he struggled under Her unable to breath yet his hips kept moving against the vibe. "What a slut", She whispered as She let go of his nose for a moment. He breathed in a huge gasp of air before She cut him off again waiting until he started to really struggle before She allowed momentary relief.

She continued the cycle knowing that he was enjoying this no matter the struggle, his hips slamming against the vibe gave the little slut away. Feeling the wetness in her pussy, he was not the only one enjoying this She thought to Herself. Reaching back She removed the vibe as She straddled his face, pushing Her wet pussy into it. "Lick me until I cum bitch", She whispered, as She moved around until She had sealed his air off. She moved on his tongue as he licked her clit, grinding in so as to shut the air off then back off so he could catch a breath of air.

Between his tongue on Her clit and his struggles to breath She felt Her excitement build as She continued grinding in and smothering him then allowing him another quick breath, it stirred Her insides to have this control over him. Unable to hold back any longer She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into Her pussy grinding on his face sealing his air off as She flooded his mouth with Her sweet juices. She loved the feeling as he swallowed them all in his attempt to breathe. She raised herself up, still dripping and allowing him take in huge gasps of air.

She decided that he had performed as a good slut so She would reward him but She would not make it easy. He trusted Her completely and She would use that to take him to the edge and drain him completely. She took a second set of pads and placed them on his thighs and hooked them to the TENS. She bumped the power until he was moaning again and then put a ballgag in his mouth to muffle the moans as She took the vibe and again placed it under his balls. Rummaging through Her drawer She found a plastic bag She had hidden earlier. "If this gets to be too much raise two fingers and I will stop, understand?" he nodded and waited for what She had planned next.

She loosened his collar and placed the bag over his head, tucking the bottom of it in around his collar, this way by pulling on and releasing his collar She could control his breathing.

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