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A weekend in the outback with a damsel, a hero and sex.

Kelly started humping my face while I breathed through my mouth and let out a long shuddering moan as she orgasmed on my nose and mouth with her gyrations before she slowed down and let me breathe. As she panted her recovery, I gently licked her thighs and gave the occasional lick to her lips until she took my cock back into her mouth. This made me think it was time for more fun, so I licked along one of her pussy lips from one end to the other and sucked it into my mouth. I ran my tongue over her clit again and gazed at her open pussy. Her pussy lips were larger at the front and tapered toward the back and although she didn't shave (we're in the late '70's here) her black pussy hair was sparse and straight and maybe had been trimmed for her swimmers.

I took another long lick from front to back and then sucked a lip into my mouth, one at a time and ran up and down each one, sucking the long lobes in as far as I could when I reached the apex. And the whole time she was telling me how good it was. Great for the ego, I can tell ya. Then the grunts started. "Ooooohhhh, uuunghhhh, . . . . ungh, uuuunnnnnghhh." You get the picture. Then she came. Hard. Same again, almost suffocating me and almost dislodging a front tooth this time, and not far from tearing holes in my thighs with her nails. Her leg bumped my crook shoulder and I gave a bit of a strangled shout but pinned as I was, I could do nothing about it. She groaned between panted breathes and lay heavily on me until I said "Mmmph mmm mmph" and Kelly lifted her loins off me laughing. I didn't want to spoil the mood, so shut up about the rough treatment.

Being a young bloke, I was as hard as a rock and regardless of the pain in my recently relocated shoulder, I was ready to go again. Kelly turned herself around and her fantastic soft breasts were back in my face again and while I was occupied with those soft, warm globes, Kelly said "I'm so happy I stayed back to babysit!" I replied that I was pretty stoked with her choice as well as Kelly grabbed my shaft with one hand and slowly lowered herself back down on me.

All I needed to do was lay there. I lifted my loins into her on the down stroke and she would wiggle her pussy on me at the top of the upstroke. Then as she came down to meet me, she ground her clitoris into my pubic bone and leaned down with her hair brushing across my face and her breasts brushing and then pressing into my chest. Her nipples were hard brown nubs constantly getting my attention and I'd lift my head up to try to lick them as she ground herself against me.

I started lifting my hips into her and pushed her forward with the thrusts and this brought Kelly's tits right into my face. She lowered herself a bit more and her boobs would drop down onto my mouth with each thrust and I licked and sucked her hardened nipples with abandon until it got to a point that I was about to come again. I could feel it in my belly and balls and then I erupted burst after burst into her grinding pussy. Kelly was almost there and as I'd finished coming, she grabbed my cock and rubbed it into her swollen clit as I sucked a nipple hard into my mouth and mashed it with my tongue, sucking and rolling the hardened tip and aureola to the roof of my mouth. Kelly started to let out yelping noises and then stiffened against me as she came on my softening and drooling cock. Her breast shivered in my mouth and she grunted and gasped as her body wracked with pleasure. I could feel her pussy lips against my cock head as Kelly moved her hand away from me and once again they enveloped me on either side with a hot and wet grip.

I finished gasping and rolled my head to one side to speak. "Fuck. Get off me! Yer on my shoulder!" Yeah, feeling was coming back. And as she moved sideways with a squealing "Sorry!" I kissed her and told her how great it was.

Kelly lay beside me and we spoke about how good the day had been until I fucked up and Kelly said "When I saw you with the sweat

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