The further adventures of a pantyboy.

I walked into the bathroom and I found the bath steaming. The steam smelled good as it always does when Megan takes a bath. On the edge of the bath I found another little note. It read

Hello Panty Boy, I know that you had a really "hard" day so please enjoy this little bath I drew up. Sit in it and wash your worries away. After soaking for a little bit I want you to give yourself a good shave. Make sure to get all over your legs because I want you too look good and smell good for tonight.

At this point, I didn't really know what to do. I didn't want to shave my legs but I wasn't too sure what my punishment would be if I didn't and I wasn't sure if I wanted to find out.

I soaked for a while and I now realize why women love to take baths. It was extremely relaxing and the oils that she had put in the bath water really made my skin soft. I almost fell asleep but I heard some commotion in the bedroom I knew that it was Megan.

"Megan?" I called out but there was no answer. I decided that I would speed things up so I picked up the razor that she left out for me. It was hers and I knew that she put on a new blade because I had a lot of hair on my legs. I must admit that I felt really silly shaving but after a while I thought that it looked really hot to be nice and smooth. It also felt really good. I never knew that my legs could be so smooth. They looked so sexy in their new state. I also decided that I would also groom my privates. After a couple mishaps with the razor I ended up taking all of my pubic hair off except for a little strip. Got out of the shower and looked in the mirror. I couldn't believe what I had just done. I had a little pubic hair strip like one of those pornstars and I was as bare as a baby yet there was something really hot about seeing my new cock. Without the hair it looked really huge. I walked out of the bathroom and found a little bag sitting on the sink. There was a little note attached to the bag that read:

"These are for your panty boy. I cannot wait to see you in your new clothes you little slut. When you change come into the bedroom."

I opened the package and inside I found a little black corset, some tan stockings, a few pairs of lacy panties and a new pair of high heels. These heels were really high black patent leather and were really hot. Part of me was really excited and part of me was worried. I didn't know if this was just a little game that Megan was playing with me but at this point I really decided that I would play along.

I stood there by the mirror for a few minutes looking at my self but I didn't want to keep Megan waiting so I attempted to put on the corset. I never knew how hard these things could be to get on. It was really difficult to get on and it hugged my body like I have never been hugged before. When I tried to put on the stockings it was really difficult to breath. I could believe how much this corset changed my body shape. It pulled in my waist and made me look a lot more feminine. I started pulling the stockings up my legs and my cock immediately sprung to attention. I could not believe the feeling of the stockings on my newly shaven legs. It was electrifying. I attached the stockings to the garter. I almost came right there but knew that I had better save myself because I didn't know what Megan had in store for me and what her new ideas were going to bring but by now I didn't really care because this was really turning me on. I then sat on the toilet and put on my new panties and shoes. I made sure that my cock wasn't showing because I knew how mad she got yesterday. I stood up and almost lost my balance because the heels were so high and I was unaccustomed to standing in them. I looked back in the mirror and was shocked yet again to see my transformation. The only thing that was missing was that I didn't have any breasts. I carefully walked over to the drawer and opened it up to find the cutlets that I had worn the night before. I snuggled them into my corset and decided that it was time to walk out into the bedroom.

I almost stumbled a few

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