Alice lends a hand.

Alice smiled back and said if he survived the night in hospital she might see if she could arrange for another visit from his angel.

She hadn't flirted so flagrantly with an unknown man recently and wondered where that was coming from. It had been several years since she had stopped flashing young men and she wondered whether the sparkle in Hugh's roving eye was affecting her better judgement. She knew she wanted to see him again.

Tuesday visiting time arrived and when Alice reached the hospital she found Hugh sitting on the bed with his arm in a cast and his bag packed ready to go home. He had been discharged. Alice had decided to wear a pleated tunic today over a white blouse. Being somewhat a short dress she had also chosen to wear sheer pantihose rather than stockings. Hugh commented appreciatively of her outfit when they got to the car, but somewhat awkwardly said he had really liked the swirling skirt he had seen the other day and he was sure his vision of his guardian angel was wearing suspenders and stockings.

Alice pouted and asked him if it was simply her clothing choice that attracted him and that she would feel a lot better if he had said he liked seeing her smile again. She was of course teasing again and remembering one of Nicola's stories of exhibitionism in a car park she leaned purposely over the car bonnet to expose more of her leg to him. Hugh couldn't believe his eyes. He could now see all of her legs under her tunic and the brief panties covering her bottom under the pantihose. He tried to answer but only managed to make a few incoherent croaking sounds and turned a shade of deep beet red. Alice patted him on the knee as he hopped into the passenger seat.

"Don't you worry about anything, I can see you didn't mean to say anything wrong and obviously you like more than just my suspenders. I'll get you home safely."

After fussing over him a bit back at the cottage, making sure it really was going to be safe to leave him on his own, Alice gave him her mobile number and told him not to hesitate to call for any reason and that she would drop by tomorrow just to make sure he was OK.

Alice had decided already that Hugh looked a little muddled trying to do some things one handed, even though he insisted he was lucky it was his left arm that was broken and not his dominant right. She could see he was going to have trouble cooking and eating anything requiring the use of a knife and fork and the following afternoon when she dropped by she brought with her a casserole that he could eat with just a fork. When she arrived she noted Hugh had been picking fresh greens from his small garden patch. I'm glad to see you will be keeping your greens up, they will help with the bone healing. Hugh answered he was aiming to do his very best to keep on her good side because not only was he was most appreciative of the casserole and her smile he was also liking the pretty new sun frock Alice had chosen today.

Alice had not buttoned the skirt all the way down and when the wind blew her skirt swirled and exposed her stocking tops.

"I would have thought you were still in recovery and not thinking of such things." She said, knowing full well she had carefully chosen her wardrobe specifically to tease him and give her own ego a bit of a boost.

"There is no such thing as being too poorly to appreciate a lovely lady!" He replied.

Alice enquired how he had really fared one handed over the past couple of days and was surprised at the varied list of things Hugh said he could and couldn't do.

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