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Vietnam vet is given a warm welcome home.

It didn't. He was so fucking horny he couldn't stand it. There was no way he was getting through this night without some sort of a release. He opened his eyes again and checked on Eric. The younger man's breathing was more regular now. He must be at least half-asleep by now, Louis thought. If I just do this quietly, he'll never know.

Silently, Louis reached above his head and snatched a few stray napkins from an end table. Then he slowly undid his jeans, grateful he hadn't worn a zippered pair and sending a silent thanks to whoever had invented the button fly. His fat 8-incher now sprang free, pointing upwards and curving slightly to the right. Louis grabbed hold of the pulsating organ with one hand, keeping his napkins ready in the other. He suppressed a satisfied groan as he began to stroke, hips moving in unison with his hand, and he closed his eyes as he felt the pain in his groin slowly subside.

Louis had wondered if having another guy so close by would prevent him from being able to get fully into his jack-off, but to his surprise Eric's presence actually made it more exciting. As he relaxed and let his mind wander deeper into fantasyland, Louis found himself imagining that Eric was watching him, transfixed by the sight of another man pleasuring himself. If that wasn't shocking enough, Louis' mind then went somewhere he really didn't expect it to go. He found himself imagining that Eric would kneel beside the couch and wrap his lips around his engorged cock, sliding downward all the way to the nuts. Louis felt pre-cum ooze out of his piss slit as the fantasy became more graphic. He could almost feel his shaft sliding into the moist warmth of a mouth...Louis' eyes sprung open in shocked surprise, just as Eric's blond head was making another ascent up Louis' wet flagpole. Eric looked at the older man and kept their eyes locked as his head went ALL the way back down, stopping only at the nut sac before coming back up again.

Louis groaned with satisfaction and put his hand on the back of Eric's head, guiding it as the younger man eagerly sucked. Eric reached for Louis' balls and caressed the twin sacs, then slid a little bit lower. Louis yelped as Eric's fingertip tested his virgin asshole. He never imagined that his shit chute could provide that kind of pleasure. Eric continued fingering Louis' asshole and his sucking became more urgent, both his movements and Louis' intensifying until Louis was fucking Eric's head. With a long groan, Louis' dick exploded, spurting warm liquid into Eric's waiting mouth and throat. The blond man devoured the love juice with fervor, not letting so much as a single droplet escape.

Eric sat back on the floor and Louis noticed for the first time that his jeans were completely off, exposing a nice, meaty seven-incher with a glistening purplish head. Louis drooled, wondering what the sausage would taste like. He rolled over onto the floor and Eric laid down flat, legs splayed and asshole exposed. Louis had never sucked another man before, but he'd gotten many a blow job from women and knew what felt good and what didn't. He started by tracing the outline of the cock with his lips, alternating between small, closed-mouth kisses and opened-mouth frenching and licking. Eric groaned, obviously pleased. Then Louis made his way to the piss slit and took a tentative taste of the milky dew that had formed there. It was salty, but definitely very palatable. Slowly, Louis wrapped his lips around the thick shaft and lowered his head onto it, letting his mouth and throat adjust to its length and girth. Meanwhile, he cupped Eric's balls and gently fondled and squeezed them, making the younger man arch his back and let out a satisfied moan.

Soon Louis found that he could go down no further; he had successfully deep-throated his first cock.

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