Moving on.

We all went back to watching, and by now all four cheerleaders on screen were fully naked. They rubbed their tits against the windshield and they rubbed sponges along their tanned bodies. Hoses were turned on each other and in one particular slow-motion sequence Courtney writhed against the car while being fully sprayed, undulating as if she were in the throes of a climax.

One of the other cheerleaders, a petite brunette not unlike Anna, leaned into Courtney. Her hair was slicked back against her head while she turned into the water spray and then reached out her own hand to caress Courtney's full, rounded breast.

Anna fidgeted in my lap. She could obviously feel my boner poking into her backside, the light buzz of just one daiquiri setting her veins on fire. She glanced back over to Christine who was rapt in attention towards the screen. "Did you really mean it?" Anna asked.

Christine turned. "Mean what?"

"About your breast."

Christine smiled, as if a long-standing fantasy was about to come true. She lifted her T-shirt up again to show off both proud tits. With a rack like that, Christine had nothing to be ashamed of. "Sure thing, sugar. Come and taste."

Anna turned to me first. "I'll bet you'd love that, wouldn't you."

"Of course." My answer was immediate, almost too fast.

Anna then reached her hand into my shorts, wrapping her fingers around my hard shaft and causing a groan to come out of my lips. I was already rather aroused, but this was the first time Anna had ever initiated anything remotely sexual in front of other people, and that notion thrilled the hell out of me.

So with one hand still around my cock, Anna leaned forward into Christine's cleavage and took a turgid nipple into her mouth.

Christine moaned, my cock twitched, and then Anna backed her head away to look to me once again. "Hm. You really DO like that don't you." So she leaned down to do it again.

From the way Anna continued to milk my cock, I got the distinct impression that she was acting this way more to titillate me rather than acting on any true lesbian desires. But I couldn't complain with the results. So Anna continued to suckle, first at one and then the other boob before running her tongue in between the two mountains of flesh, her hands in my lap the entire time.

Christine moaned again and whispered, "Kiss me. Please..."

Anna looked up, a fearful expression briefly crossing her face.

"Trust me," Christine soothed. "He'll love it even better."

So Anna lifted her face and let Christine close the final few inches to press her lips against Anna's, and I very nearly blew my load at that very instant. Christine's tongue extended into the air for a moment before disappearing into Anna's mouth, and once Christine's hands began to massage my girlfriend's shoulders, Anna moaned herself in real arousal of her own. Finally, Anna let go of me, reaching her hands up to truly embrace Christine and share in this Sapphic kiss.
The video by now was forgotten, and Brian even hit "stop" on the player.

Christine never let up on Anna and began squirming back against her boyfriend. "Brian," she gasped. "Help me! Fuck me!"

My best friend was only too happy to assist. He started by dragging Christine's shorts down to her knees, and then suitably disrobed his own lower half as well. And once all obstructions were removed from their respective crotches, Brian lifted Christine by her hips and held her above his waving rod.

Christine herself reached down and elevated Brian's cock into position, and then Christine was screaming into her kiss with Anna while Brian lowered her down until her ass was flush against his thighs. "Aw, fuck, yeah..." Brian exclaimed.

Anna pulled away to fully witness the penetration, her eyes wide seeing the thick cock splitting Christine in half. And then our friends were fucking, Christine bouncing up and down, her tits jiggling in Anna's face.

"I'm actually watching this," Anna muttered.

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