Catching neighbor's daughter.

The house overlooked a ravine and had a magnificent view of the mountains. I sat in the car for a moment to enjoy the view. As I got out of the car and walked up to the house, I heard music coming from the back deck. Thinking that Dave and Janice were out back enjoying a glass of wine on the secluded deck, I walked around the house to the sound.

As I rounded the corner, I saw Ali sunning herself on a blanket in the middle of the deck. She was on her stomach wearing a tiny pink bikini. She had the top undone so there would be no tan lines. She was definitely not a cute 17 year old. She had filled out nicely. Her beautiful round ass was barely covered by her bikini bottom. Her cheeks were peeking out, giving me an idea of just how shapely she was. Her smooth peach skin was accentuated by her strawberry colored hair.

I decided to enjoy the view for a bit before I announced myself. Much to my surprise, Ali rolled over onto her back, leaving her top on the ground. Her beautiful round breasts were topped by an auburn areola. From 20 feet away, I could see her nipples hardening from the warm sun. They stood out like brilliant hard diamonds. I felt my cock rising inside my shorts. Walking away would have been uncomfortable. So I had to stay and enjoy secretly viewing this incredibly beautiful woman.

Within just a few minutes, Ali began to squirm a bit. Her hands reached up and squeezed her tits; her fingers played with her nipples. While one had continued to play with her nipples, the other hand slid down over her flat belly and began to stroke herself through her bikini bottom. Her excitement began to show thru the bikini bottom. They were becoming soaked. Much to my delight, she raised her hips, slid both hands to the sides of the bikini bottom, curled up her long legs and took the soaked bottoms off. From my vantage point just above her, I could see her neatly trimmed auburn haired pussy. Her lips were swollen from her excitement. I could imagine myself licking those lips and teasing her clit.

My cock was swollen beyond anything I had ever experienced. There was no way I was walking away from this wonderful sight. I slowly and quietly unzipped my shorts to release some of the pressure off my cock.

While one hand caressed her breast and squeezed her nipple, the other slid along her wet slit, slowly stroking up and down that sweet pink slit. She began to grind her hips into her hand. Soon one finger slid inside her wet pussy while her hips gyrated slowly into her palm. Her breath began to quicken. Soon another of her fingers disappeared inside of her. Both fingers were slipping in and out of her wet hole. Her juices were flowing, covering the inside of her legs and slipping between those beautiful cheeks. She bit her lower lip in excitement and pleasure. The pace of her fingers sliding in and out of her hole began to speed along. She squeezed her nipple harder and caressed those tight round tits, grabbing them. She let out a moan. Ali was going to come soon. Her body was glistening with a light glow of sweat.

My hand was stoking my cock, matching the rhythm of her fingers sliding in and out of her wet pink pussy. I could feel my jism building up in my cock. The pre-cum was starting to flow.

Her hips moved at an even faster pace and her fingers continued to slide in and out of her hole. She arched her back, took in a deep breath and let out a long low moan of pleasure. Her body was quivering. She arched her back even higher, driving her fingers inside her, grinding her clit into her palm. Ali lifted her hips off the ground and bucked wildly for a moment. Her breathing was fast and her body was glowing in the sun. She let out a load moan crashed her body onto of her blanket. Her orgasm had peaked. Ali slowly slid her fingers out of her swollen slit.

As her moan left her body, my cum squirted all over the deck. I let out a moan as well, giving away my presence.

Surprisingly, Ali rolled over, looked at me and smiled.

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