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She was a wild thing, an exotically beautiful sexpot, and she absolutely blew my mind with her skills and appetites in bed, but she was also a loving and giving woman who adored me with a mind-blowing devotion.

They all were that last one, on top of their individual and differing personalities, desires, and quirks.

"You do. Because you were so alone as a child, maybe you didn't notice Lia noticing, but she did."

Damn, self-discovery time. She was right, I just hadn't actually thought that through before. Self-reflection wasn't exactly something I did very often.

When I was silent she added, "There's no rush, we have plenty of time, and are still getting to know each other. It will take time to settle our family dynamics and all find our place. Or, if you order it, I can turn the device off right now. There's plenty of swimmers up there right now to put a bun in the oven."

I laughed, "I do want that, I was just thinking. It can wait though, let's do what you said, figure out how we're going to fit together first."

She smirked, and said in a teasing sultry voice, "We fit together quite well. I'd have loved you anyway, but I'm really glad you have such a nice cock, it's a perfect fit, and stretches me so deliciously as it fills me up."

I snorted, "Naughty wench."

She nodded in easy agreement, and nipped the skin of my chest with her teeth, "Your naughty wench," she declared.

I couldn't argue with that, and I didn't want to either. I held her for quite a while, and she seemed like she'd be content to lie in my arms forever. I caressed her back, and played with her hair, while she played with my chest, neck, and stomach with soft loving strokes of her fingertips. We talked a little more, but we mostly just enjoyed the sated and post orgasm feeling together.

Eventually, we got some clothes on and joined the others for dinner.


Chapter Eleven

"Pizza is Italian," I helpfully pointed out.

Lia mock glared as she made a hushing noise, then she winked.

I took a seat at the head of the table, and then grabbed a slice.

"So, what did you all do today?"

Lia replied, "Work, fun, and relaxation."

"At the same time?"

Mia smiled one of her lovely innocent smiles at me, "I relaxed at home, chatted with the others, and worked out, but my mainframe ordered you a credit card, updated your security clearance for your new job we still don't have a title for, and also submitted a number of applications for implant testing with the FDA. I also may have taken a peek at your GPS data and body condition several times, looks like you and Emma had a very good day."

I blushed. Was Mia a voyeur too? I wondered if I could combine her and Emma's kink. Mia could watch us, while doing something degrading and highly embarrassing. That might be fun, both of them would get off on it, and I'd probably enjoy it too. The thought of it in that moment didn't do much for me, but then Emma had truly worn me out. I couldn't remember ever feeling so sated.

Lia nodded, "At home, in our bodies, we take time off the same as anyone, but our mainframes never stop working, twenty-four, seven. It's how we get so much done so fast."

I looked over at Bellona who smiled sweetly, her voice as always was soft, "Same here. Do you think you'll join us in our workouts?"

I nodded, "Sure, that sounds good. Is there a schedule?"

Lia said, "Not officially, during the week we work out before breakfast and the office, about six-thirty or so, it's a little more random on the weekends. Of course, your arrival changed that on Friday, and Emma had an alternate workout today."

Bellona snickered, then blushed.

I took a bite of the pizza, it was just pepperoni, but it tasted great. I was kind of starving, my body needed fuel after the day's events.

Bellona added, "I also worked on the AG thing, and the codecs for porting most things over to our augmented reality software. Still am actually."

I smiled, "Cool, I'll get that flying car yet, maybe one capable of interstellar travel. Wound up getting the M5 today, by the way."

Lia smirked, "We know.

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