A happy ending.

.. "Black?..." I interrupted again.

"I don't want my wife staying in one house..."

"BLACK!!" I screamed. He turned to look at me looking at the watery stuff flowing from between my legs.

"Ohhh shit." he growled and ran out for Big Momma. Big Momma ran upstairs and helped him take me to the car.

"You take her to the hospital and I will get her things." Big Momma told him. He was so nervous that he could hardly pay attention to the road.

"Black, you don't have to speed, I am not in any pain." I told him but that didn't matter.

"That's good!" he told me forgetting to slow down.


Hospital 11:22p.m. (Monday)

I had planned to marry LaJoria two weeks before she was due to give birth. I got our marriage licenses and had the court day all ready for us, but the baby had other plans. Her bag of waters broke today. " I'm sorry baby, I didn't mean to spoil your plans." she apologized.

I stroked her shiny brown hair and told her..."It's not your fault baby." I guess we could still get married after the baby's born?

Big Momma came into the room after the doctor came in to do his initial assessment of her condition. "What did the doctor say?" she asked me

"Well, he said since she is not having any contractions, it could take some time before she have the baby. He's running some tests now."

"Good" she said and sat her things on the chair next to her bed.

"Jori you do good now, here?" she said, kissed her, then she left.

"Baby I have a surprise for you!" she said

"What!" happy to see her smiling again.

"I'll show you later" She said and kissed me.

"What's the matter!" She asked me and rubbed my arm.

"Just a little nervous about what's going on."

"Don't be nervous, you will make me even more nervous. Is there anything else?"

"Well...I really wanted to get married before the baby gets here." I told her dismally.

"You still can, that is if you have all your things together." the nurse called through the door. We both stared at her. "There's a chapel down the hall and a priest. He just married a couple three days ago and I'm sure he'll marry the two of you." she exclaimed while she checked her vitals.

"What do we need?" I asked her.

"Well for starters you would need a marriage license, I.D.s and I think that's it, you'd have to ask him. Since the doctor wants to wait to start your labor to make sure the babies lungs are mature, you have some time."

"How soon will we know?" I asked.

"In a couple of hours after the amniocentesis." she said and walked out.

"Baby, I have to go to work but I'll be back later!" I said, kissed her, and shot out the door.

11:44p.m. Hospital Room (L&D)

I got off early tonight and the next three days so that I could be there for Jori when she had my baby. They gave me shit about it but I got the time I needed. Jori was sound asleep when I came in. I kissed her on her soft pink lips and sat down. I guess I was more tired than I thought, as soon as I sat down I was out like a light.

"Baby, why don't you go home and get some sleep!" Jori said waking me up. My neck had a crook in it I was so uncomfortable in that chair.

"I don't know, I don't want miss being here when the baby's born."

"Trust me they ain't comin' tonight, go home and get some sleep, but be here first thing in the morning though!"

I laughed. Did she say they... I'm so fuckin' tired I'm hearing things. I got up and kissed her good night.

I drove to my ma's house and went inside. I heard talking in the living room so I investigated. As I rounded the corner I saw Shauny sitting on the love seat next Ma holding Isaiah in her lap.

"Well it's about time you got here son, we were just talking about how much this baby looks like you when you were a baby." I just smiled and walked over to them and grabbed my son out of ma's lap. "He was 7lbs 11oz and 21 inches just like you were Tyrell." Ma smiled at us and so did Shauny. I kissed his little brown cheeks.

"He's the spiting image of his dad, I must say!" Shauny interjected. I walked over to the sofa and sat down.

"So did Jori have

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