The unicorn is her savior, but will he be in time?

"Shut up, Dane. I will go when I am ready." The first man turned back to me and pulled the rest of my dress down, including shift so that I was completely naked. I whimpered in embarrassment and fear, pleading with him to release me. When he smacked me roughly against my mouth to silence my complaints, I obeyed, not wanting to instill any more of his wrath upon me. I still attempted to struggle, especially when the leader began to grasp my breasts within his hands and roughly squeeze as if they were his to do such with. I began to feel warm tears of humiliation and fear roll down my face, unable to do anything but let the man grope me. The one holding me began to thrust his solid member against my back, making little grunting noises as he did. It was easy to ignore him as he still had his trousers on thankfully.

"I really do not think you should do that to her, uncle." The younger man tried to plead on my behalf, but I could see the lust in his eye as he stared at my body. His face was beet red and I could tell he was warring within himself to join or fight. The fight won when his uncle began to stroke me between my legs while unfastening his pant top.

"Stop it, uncle. You need to let her go." His voice was wavering but strong, but his uncle laughed and ignored him, focused on me.

"Have you ever been touched like this, girl? I bet you have many times over, as pretty as you are." I chose to not answer, despite the fact that I had, but only by the one I wanted to have done it to me. He took my refusal to answer as positive and laughed in my face.

"Wench! Whore! You deserve what I am about to do to you!" I looked up and spat on him, quickly shut my eyes after, expecting a slap.

But his hand never came into contact, as Dane, his nephew grasped the upraised hand before it could land.

"Stop it, fool!" His uncle roared and shoved at him cruelly, sending the young man backwards where he landed roughly on his bottom.

"Now, where was I?" The uncle turned back to me, hands reaching for his pants to complete what he wanted to do. But he was unable to do so because a white blur charged him, purple eyes wide with terrible anger. Before the man could even think about doing anything, the unicorn impaled his horn straight into his chest, the force thrusting him backwards and off of his feet. The big man did not even have a chance to expel the air from his lungs, and he lay unmoving. His glazed eyes stared up in surprise - the last look he wore as he died.

The unicorn, blood thickly coating his horn, spun to where the other man stood still holding me. I could feel the man shaking as he held on, but he pushed me away and began to run. The unicorn was swift and dispatched him quickly, easily pressing the horn in between the man's shoulder blade and spine, destroying him before he could get far.

My savior then spun around and galloped angrily towards the blonde man who had attempted to stop his brethren. But before he could trample the man, I cried out,

"Stop!" I kept my hands covering my chest and nether region as I approached the still fallen man and stepped in front of the horn and feet of the unicorn before he could reach the man. The great beast halted and snorted, sides heaving from the exertion and anger. I held out a hand to the unicorn, stroking its muzzle, enjoying the softness as Dane stood shakily to his feet.

"That is quite a guardian you have, Miss.

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