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Painting a human canvas.

He drew one X on each of her shoulder blades and large figure eight's below each one on either side of her spine. He painted a series of lines across the cheeks of her ass to the tops of her thighs. Then double lines down the back of her legs to her heels. He unfolded the small fan from the tray and waved it back and forth, slowly, starting at her neck working down. She felt the images he just painted on her body freeze into her skin. The sensation set her on fire.

He folded up the fan and set it back on the tray. He dipped a one-half inch brush in the dark chocolate and painted a circle about an inch in diameter on her left shoulder blade. He painted identical circles to this at the base of her neck, her right shoulder blade and right at the base of her spine in the small of her back. He dipped another brush into the honey and painted circles just inside the dark chocolate. And last he dipped into the champagne to fill in the middle of all four circles. He positioned his mouth just above the first circle on her left shoulder blade and began to swirl together the chocolate, honey and champagne, lowering his lips with each swirl of his tongue. He continued to kiss and lick the circular concoction on her skin until he had consumed every drop of it, her muscles tensing and relaxing at the touch of his mouth. He moved to the other shoulder blade and repeated the ritual.

Now over her neck he varied just a bit. He kissed gently all around the circle, tapping his tongue against her skin, knowing this was the top of her spine, sending bursts of excitement through her body. He used his tongue in the same fashion as on the shoulder blades, but much more deliberately, careful that only his tongue was touching her and nothing else. He traced intricate patterns with his tongue through the circle, slow then fast, firm then soft, kissing with his lips intermittently, until he had devoured the entire circle. Once finished, he kissed his way down the entire length of her spine to its base where the last circle was waiting. He began to trace large circles around the edges of the chocolate ring, closing in smaller with each revolution. At the center of the circle he traced out with larger circles. He repeated this several times until it was time to finally kiss the sweet mixture from her quivering body. He returned to his champagne brush and stroked three zigzagged lines over each cheek of her ass. Then he traced each line with his tongue drinking the champagne from her soft supple skin. He painted more champagne lines down the backs of her thighs, just behind her knees then down her calves, again following each one with his tongue.

Once finished removing the champagne from her legs with his tongue, he coaxed her to roll over onto her back, her head propped up on the pillow. He returned to the melting ice and the 1/4 inch brush, painting a line straight across her forehead, then one down the bridge of her nose, tiny circles on her cheeks, purposefully avoiding her lips and mouth to paint a small infinity symbol on her chin and a large dot of ice water on each temple. The fan was unfurled again to accentuate the figures sparkling on her face. He next painted a long ice water line from just under her chin, down her neck, over her chest, between her breasts toward her navel, then around and down to just above her pussy, this time blowing lightly with his mouth over the same course the line took.

He painted spirals around each breast, starting just where the breast began at the chest, around and around, slowly working toward the nipple.

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