Kelly goes streaking, gets caught and spanked.

"Yeah," Logan agreed numbly, stunned by the sudden appearance of the nude girl.

Matt couldn't help but gaze at the beauty in his arms, her perfect breasts, her shaved pussy. He swallowed as he stood with her draped over his arms.

"Should we put her down?"

"Yeah, yeah."

Matt gently placed her on the couch and Logan joined him to stare at her.

"Should we call the cops?"

"Not yet," Matt leered.

"Hey man, come on. We're not going to..."

"No, of course not. That doesn't mean we can't have some fun."

"We should cover her," Logan pointed out, taking off his suit jacket.

"Hold on, I got a better idea."

Matt unfolded two napkins from lunch and placed them strategically on the girl's body. The napkins hid her most private places, but they sure didn't cover much. Matt grinned lasciviously at Logan and started to lay out his plan.


Kelly slowly regained her senses, jerking to alertness as she realized where she was. The two men in suits had their backs to her, engrossed in a discussion on the whiteboard. How long had she been out? She had been covered with paper napkins, and clutched one to her chest as she tentatively touched her crotch. She breathed a sigh of relief as it didn't seem like she had been raped. She wondered if she should run for the door, but that would require going right past the men. She finally decided to sit up, awkwardly holding the napkins in place. She made just enough sound to alert them, and they turned to her.

"Are you okay?" The tall guy asked. Kelly nodded numbly.

"Well," pinstripes sneered, "It looks like our little thief has finally woken up. Did you have a nice nap?" Kelly stared at him mutely. "Well, thief, what do you have to say for yourself?"

"I'm not a thief," she whispered.

"We'll let the police figure that out."

"No please, don't call the police."

"You break into our office, which has priceless business plans in it, and yet you claim you're not a thief? Did you just get high on acid and decide this was a nice place to crash?"

Kelly felt her eyes start to water. He was not being nice at all, but she didn't know what to say. She couldn't call the police, she would be arrested for public nudity and get her sorority in trouble.

"Well, thief?" He demanded. Kelly stared at her toes, intimidated. "Young lady," Pinstripes roared, "I ASKED YOU A QUESTION!"

The edge in his voice stung her and she started begging.

"I'm sorry," she whimpered.

"Who sent you here? Who do you work for?"

"No one," she offered meekly, unwilling to even raise her eyes.

"So you expect me to believe," Pinstripes growled as he closed in on the helpless girl, "That you just decided to break into our office and spy on us on your own? Do you know that industrial espionage is a FELONY OFFENSE?"

"I'm not a spy!" she protested. "I'm not a thief," she repeated.

He was very close now, towering over her small body, snarling. He was telling her she was going to go to prison for spying on them. He pointed to a stack of papers on the desk and told her that she had been reading their secret business plans. The words stung her ears: Felony. Prison. Twenty years.

"No, please," she trembled, "I'll do anything."

"Yes, you'll do anything to keep with your thieving ways. Drug money? Is that what you're after?"

"No, please, I don't do drugs."

"You mean to tell me," growled quietly, "you just decided, stone cold sober, to strip naked and commit a felony for the fun of it?"

Pinstripes paused, silence deafening her ears as she stared at the ground.

"What should we do with her?"

"We have to call the cops. This is a big deal," the other guy said. He sounded calm, at least, unlike angry Pinstripes man.

"No, please," she sniveled, but they ignored her.

"It's a felony, should we call the local cops or the FBI?"

"FBI, obviously, I think I have the agent's card right here," he said as he started to rustle through the desk.

Kelly's eyes snapped up in a panic. She noticed a gleam of gold on his finger-he was married! Surely he was a nice guy!

"No, please! I'm not a spy! Please don't c

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