She becomes his willing slave, submissive yet proud.

I broke the kiss again.

"Would you come with me, now?" I asked. "I'd like to show you something. Bring your drink." I took her by the hand and led her across the room to the windows. I opened the blinds and her room's windows overlooked the city. The room was on the 5th floor, putting it several stories above the thriving thoroughfare. It provided a nice view, but it was not so high that no one could see into the windows from the street below, or from other buildings. There weren't a lot of people on the streets at this hour, but Philadelphia was a big city with an active night life. There was still activity bustling below.

At first she hesitated when I threw open the blinds, wanting to keep her nakedness from the windows. But I pulled her hand gently, urging her closer, and she relented and stood next to me. "It's a beautiful city, isn't it?" I asked.

"It really is," she replied, looking out over the twinkling lights and buildings. We weren't so high that we got a long view, but the view we got was pleasant enough.

"And you look beautiful in it," I said, looking at her. She turned to me and looked into my eyes.

"Thank you... Jim," she replied sincerely. I was glad she dropped the "master" in this instance.

I leaned in and kissed her bare shoulder. "Just relax and enjoy your drink," I told her, "while I enjoy you." She exhaled heavily as I said this. I planted another kiss on her shoulder and stepped behind her. I kissed a line from her shoulder to her spine, along the nape of her neck. Then I leaned down and slowly kissed a trail from her neck all the way down the top of her ass, where her panties formed the small red triangle. Her breathing quickened as I made my way down, and I heard her take another long sip of scotch.

I dropped onto my knees and admired the sweet little ass before me. I had waited a long time for this. I slowly placed my hands on both of her hips, squeezing her gently. Then I leaned in and lightly grazed her right butt cheek with my lips, placing a soft, gentle kiss on it, feeling the little hairs tickling my lips and chin. She held her breath in anticipation. After a moment's pause, I leaned in again and kissed her ass in earnest, pushing my lips into her soft flesh. I placed a number of kisses on both cheeks, pulling her into me with my hands on her hips. She responded in kind by arching her back and pushing her butt into my face.

Then, finally, after the long wait I'd endured, I allowed myself the indulgence I'd long been craving. I heard Myers' words echoing in my ear, "Just saying I'd like to sink my teeth into that sweet ass, is all. But it ain't gonna happen though cuz that bitch is fri-gid."

"Eat your goddamn heart out, Myers," I thought to myself as I opened my mouth widely and sunk my teeth gently into Carrie's ass cheek, letting my tongue tickle the little hairs on the flesh I sucked into my mouth. I bit it gently for several moments, then ran my tongue horizontally across her ass, into her crack, over the thin fabric of her panties there, and onto her other cheek. Again I bit gently into her other ass cheek and licked the soft flesh I sucked into my mouth. I nibbled her ass again for several moments, urging her into me with my hands on her hips.

Carrie moaned softly and pushed her ass further into me. I released her flesh from my teeth and began licking her ass cheeks again. I heard her let out a gentle laugh, enjoying my ministrations. Then I heard the ice in her cup tinkle as she drained the last of the scotch from it, and she bent over and put the cup on the floor. She smiled at me as she bent over, and I got up with her when she stood. "Turn around," I whispered again in her ear.

This time she laughed out loud when she turned to face me. I smiled, laughing with her, then pulled her into me and kissed her. I pulled her hair gently back to break the kiss after a moment. "It's time for my slave to do something for me, something I've wanted for a long time," I said.

"Anything, master," she replied, the scotch heavy and sw

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