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Alexis and Hunter take Las Vegas.

She moaned, "Oh my god, babe. You're driving me crazy. But you know that don't you? If you leave me like this I'm going to run naked down to the casino floor and fuck anything that moves." I laughed at that vision. I kept right on teasing her. I flicked my tongue quickly on her clit which was swollen as large as I had ever seen it. Her hips shot up trying to get more, but I pulled back. She mumbled, "Bastard," and then giggled. I flicked her clitoris again and her hips fired again. She was moaning constantly now.

I moved my lips up over her mound to her navel and up to flick my tongue on her nipples. I gently kissed all around each tit spiraling into to suck her nipples. They were incredibly erect. She threw her arms around the back of my head and held me in place as I nibbled on her nipples with lip shrouded teeth. Her arms flew back to the bed as she let out a scream and I got what I was after. Her orgasm was unlike any she had had before. It was so intense. She screamed, "OOHHH FFUUCCCKKK. YOOUUUU GGOTTT MEEEE. OHHH MMYYY GGGAAAWWWDDDD."

Her hips launched in the air and fired back to the bed. I moved down and drilled my tongue deep into her pussy and she screamed again, "OOHHH JJEESSSSUUUSSS. YESSSS. OHH MY GAAAWWDD. YESSSS." Her head was flailing from side to side. She started gasping for air as I rode her hips with tongue alternating between her clitoris and her clenching pussy. She went on and on for several minutes. I was wondering if she would ever stop. Her hands flew to her tits and began mashing them hard. Juices were flowing into my mouth and down to the bed.

After a long time Alexis' spastic movement started to subside. Even as she was coming down she was still moaning, "OOOHHH OHHHH," over and over again. She started to shiver and quake again and I wondered if it was from the cold air or not so I moved over the top of her and lowered my warm body to hers being careful not to put my entire weight on her. She threw her arms around my back and lifted herself up to me. She was crying again. In the light from the strip flooding the room, I could see huge tears form in the corner of her eyes before breaking free and flowing down her cheeks. She kissed me hard and through her sobs she said, "I love you." Now I had goose bumps travel up my spine. I kissed her tears as they overflowed from her eyes.

Her tears continued for another few minutes. She tried to roll me over and I complied as she rolled over on top of me. I still cradled her to me for warmth. She pushed her torso up with her elbows on my chest and looked down at me. She said, "Wow. We've never done that before. That orgasm was the most intense I can ever remember." She leaned down and kissed me hard and long. She broke the kiss and said, "What about you? I totally forgot about you." I kissed her again and said, "There's plenty of time for that. I'm so content right now just being here like this." Alexis lowered the side of her head to my chest. Her weight was not a burden and we both fell asleep just like that.

During the night I woke to find Alexis had slid off to her side of the bed but still cuddled up with her head on my shoulder. She had pulled the covers up to our waists. I kissed her forehead and she pursed her lips but otherwise didn't move. I was back in deep sleep in moments.

I woke to the morning light streaming through the windows.

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