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She lifted them up to test if they sagged at all. They didn't sag, but she noticed that her nipples were hard again.

In fact they were really getting quite uncomfortable, she got some moisturising cream and rubbed it on her nipples. The feel of her fingers seemed to ease the swelling, and she stood there rubbing her nipples and watching herself in the mirror. I am beautiful and I have lovely big firm breasts, she told herself.

Seeing her pubes reminded her that it was time that she trimmed her pubic hair. She was a very hairy girl; she had long black wavy hair on her head. She also had hairy armpits, and her pubic hairs spread out onto her inner thighs and belly. Up to this point in time she hadn't worried overmuch about this. No one but her doctor had ever seen her naked, and her doctor was a woman, and had never commented on how hirsute she was.

She suddenly found herself worrying that he wouldn't like her hairy cunt. Perhaps he liked a nice shaven one, her armpits made her feel like a gorilla. An irrational feeling of panic swept over her, she found her electric razor and shaved her armpits. She then used a depilatory cream on them to remove the stubble.

Lifting her arms up, she breathed a sigh of relief that her armpits were now smooth and hairless. Unfortunately this only made her groin seem like she had an unkempt forest between her legs.

She sat on the toilet seat and started to shave her pubic hairs off. It took quite a while. She had to shave around her vagina, being careful not to touch her cunt lips with the buzzing teeth of the electric razor.

Once all the hairs were removed from that, it only made the hairs on her inner thighs stand out more. She patiently shaved each leg, until she was satisfied all her hair had gone from her legs.

This now left her belly, a large triangle of hair stretched from the top of her vagina to her belly button. Fuck all men, she swore as she shaved off the offending patch. She walked back into her bedroom, to rub some cream on her newly shaven bits.

As she posed again in front of the mirror to admire her shaven pussy, she noticed that there still seemed to be hairs between her legs. It wasn't until she turned her back to the mirror. that she realised that she had a hairy anus. I've got a hairy arse, she thought in horror.

Builders have got hairy arses, not a beautiful girl like me. He'll think I'm an animal if he sees my bum. This was far more difficult; she tried bending over with her bum to the mirror and shaving around her bum hole.

She found that she couldn't hold her bum cheeks apart, and shave around her bum hole at the same time. She tried lying on the bed, with her legs right up in the air so her ankles almost touched her ears. She then couldn't even see her pussy, because her tits got in the way.

In the end she lay on her side curled up on the bed, and closing her eyes shaved carefully around her anus by feel alone. At last she had finished, her bum and fanny felt very strange bald. She could see her naked cunt for the first time ever.

It had always been hidden beneath her thick curly pubic hair. She studied her cunt with interest, her lips hardly protruded at all. She decided that she had a very neat little cunt. She could almost see her clitoris, and rubbed it gently to see what it felt like.
The girls at work were always talking about sex. Nothing was sacred to them, she had heard all about vibrators and clitoral stimulators. Old granny Peter's had told her that in the old days before vibrators, they used to give themselves a rub with a brush if they felt fruity.

Jane didn't own a vibrator; she was curious about this technique and reached into her drawer. She pulled out a soft bristled hairbrush. Lying on her back she opened her legs and gently rubbed the brush over her naked pubes.

It felt very nice and quite soothing.

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