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Young married woman is shown new pleasures by older man.

hispered in her ear asking her if she was enjoying this and she told him yes, yes, yes!

The man came back with the drinks he handed one to Bill, then to Karen and one for himself. He told Karen to stroke her husbands cock while he sat there and had his drink.

The older man slipped his fingers back into her pussy taking the place of Bills. Making sure that she stayed hot and ready for him.

A few minutes later Bill said he was getting tired and that they should be going it was almost midnight.

The man suggested he lay down on the couch over in the corner for a bit and catch a cat nap and he would continue pleasuring his wife.

Bill looked at Karen and she said it was OK. Bill never remembered even laying his head down before he went to sleep.

"It's not often that I have a chance to fuck a pretty young woman," he told her. "Tell me dear does your husband use toys on you when making love to you," he asked her?

"Sometimes, but not often," she replied.

The man was fingering her pussy slowly as he talked to her. Making sure she stayed aroused while he determined how experienced was.

"What does he use on you dear," he asked her?

"We have a 7-inch dildo, and a vibrator," she told him.

"Do you enjoy it when he uses the toys to add to your love making," he asked her.

"Yes I do, very much," she said.

"Do you know what a butterfly is," he asked her?

"I've seen them in the adult store," she told him.

"I'm not talking about the cheap ones you find in adult shops here in America dear," he said. "I'm talking about the top of the line ones made in Japan and Denmark dear," he told her. "European erotica toys are made better, and are made to give real pleasure," he said.

He reached into the bedside stand and pulled out a leather bag. He reached inside and took out what Karen assumed was the butterfly, along with a small silver bullet thing which he told her was a bullet vibrator. "I'm going to give you so much pleasure dear that no longer will just a good fucking be good enough for you," he said smiling.

The bullet had a cord attached to it and an adapter. He had an extension cord along side the bed to which he plugged the adapter into. He was sitting beside her and reached to spread her legs a little further apart. He then inserted the bullet up into her ass and turned it on a slow vibration.

Karen liked the way the vibrations felt in her ass. This was nice, she was going to make sure she had one of these when they got home.

He then wrapped the butterfly around her waist, then her legs through the leg straps. He placed the butterfly over her clit and made sure it was secure. " Now dear just relax and enjoy the wonderful feelings of pleasure your going to be feeling," he told her.

He turned on the butterfly at a low speed and Karen thought this was heaven. Her ass was tingling with pleasure from the bullet which he had increased the speed on. He turned the speed up on the butterfly as well and Karen knew it would not be long before she would be having another climax.

He had reached into the bag and brought out this thing with a suction cup on it. He leaned down to her and licked her nipple then sucked on it for a few moments. He then put some kind of liquid on the suction cup and placed it over her nipple, holding it in place as he turned on a small remote control unit that made the cup beginning sucking.

Karen was going to make sure she bought one of these as well, she just had to have one of these. She loved her nipples sucked and had this fantasy of having a playmate who would do nothing more than suck on her nipples and play with her pussy.

Karen couldn't help it all these wonderful sensations were driving her towards another climax. The suction cup was increased and Karen now felt something brushing across her nipple making it even more sensitive. Something inside the tube that was attached to her nipple was brushing her nipple like crazy. She came almost instantly.

"You enjoyed that didn't you dear? I noticed how much you enjoyed having your nipples sucked and thought this would be the per

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