Jason goes for thirteen virgins with Sheila.

It feels good now. The pain is mostly gone."

"Ready for a little more?" Jason asked pushing even deeper and hitting her cervix.

"Oh, fuck! You feel a mile in me. It feels like you hit bottom too."

"Not really, but we'll hold it here for now."

Jason fucked Sheila with long smooth strokes. She soon matched him by fucking back into each thrust. Her low moans turned to groans of pleasure and then gasps of bliss. In no time Jason was pumping her full of thick cock and she loved it. Her moist tight tunnel gripped him in a velvety sweet embrace. Her strong legs added to the force of her return thrusts. She would be a wild fuck once she got used to it, he could tell.

"Oh, what a sweet pussy," Jason praised.

"You think so?"

"Beautiful, like you."

"Thanks, your dick feels good now too."

Jason wasn't sure how much more he could take. Sheila's pussy was so incredibly tight. He pulled back and then thrust his steely cock back into her. Sheila groaned beneath him as he picked up speed and fucked her good. She seemed to be over any feelings of pain. Instead her strong sprinter's legs encircled his hips and pulled him to her on each plunge like she couldn't get enough. Jason's cock found Sheila's cervix repeatedly but unlike other girls, she didn't seem to mind. She only groaned with approval.

The blissful pleasure from fucking soon had Sheila enthralled. She urged Jason to go faster with her hands, legs, and gasps of delight. Her mind became clouded with the intense pleasure emanating from her pussy as Jason probed her depths. Each inward thrust gave her wonderfully intense ecstasy, while each withdrawal had her feeling empty of cock and wanting more quickly.

Both rode the powerful waves of happiness to the ultimate high. Jason was fucking Sheila with abandon now. Sheila was taking it and urging him for more. She couldn't get enough of the feeling of his big cock inside her. Fucking was even more magnificent than she had imagined. The words of her friends that had been here before her couldn't come close to explaining the feelings she felt now. A chorus of delight rang out in her ears as she barely heard her own words of bliss.

"Oh, Jason... Oh, baby... fuck me good. Oh, god!"

Jason's mind cleared for a brief moment and thankfully so. He somehow realized, through his own pleasure clouded brain, that he couldn't cum inside her. He so wanted to complete the act properly, and fill her no longer virgin hole with a hot bath of his sperm, but that was not to be this time. Incredibly, thoughts of Beth rushed into his head at that moment. He wanted to feel guilty for what he was doing but instead those same thoughts made him growl with intense desire. He pounded into Sheila a few more times pushing her over the edge. He could feel every part of her tighten suddenly and he couldn't hold back any longer either.
"Oh, fuck," Jason howled, ripping his spurting cock out of Sheila's pussy a mere second before he fired off his first bolt.

His cock had come free and bounced skyward. With the aid of the angle it was at for the first pulse, his jet of cum arched high in the air and hit Sheila square in the side of her neck and down onto the pillow behind it. The second blast followed only moments later and covered one breast in a spray of thick cum. With the third, the shots began to trail down her brown skin towards her bellybutton. The whiteness of his cum against Sheila's darkness made Jason stare intently as the final drops coated around her navel.

Their eyes finally met and Jason realized Sheila had been watching his spewing cock too. Her breathing was as ragged as his but her eyes still showed the hunger he had seen in them when she first opened his pants. 'Could she still want more,' Jason pondered as he slumped off to one side, his arms abruptly too weak to hold him longer.

"Ah," Jason gasped as he settled on his side facing Sheila.

Sheila was still flat on her back with her head on the pillow.

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